Examplify is NOT compatible with Mac OS lower than 10.13 (High Sierra, Catalina)

Compatibility with High Sierra

If you have a version of Mac OS lower than 10.13 (High Sierra) please update your system. If your system will not support High Sierra or a newer OS your system will not support ExamSoft Examplify (see ExamSoft’s site for details).

If you have questions please contact ExamSoft support at (866) 429-8889 or you may stop by the Law Library’s Public Services desk and ask for an Information Services team member.

Compatibility with Catalina

Examplify now supports the latest Mac OS Catalina. However, if you want to update your Macbook devices to this software, you must also reinstall version 2.0.6 of Examplify by going to www.examsoft.com/pepperdinelaw.

ExamSoft Examplify Mac System Requirements: https://examsoft.force.com/etcommunity/s/article/Examplify-Minimum-System-Requirements-for-Mac-OS-X

Preparing for the Worst – Examplify

Thankfully, we have a very good system in Examplify. This software is very stable and reliable. However note that in life, there are myriad variables that we all must navigate on a daily basis, and I’m not even talking about traffic.

Keeping the fact that life is full of variables and unexpected (unexplained?) challenges, one should seek to mitigate risk as much as is practical. Particularly when it comes to law school exams.

So, a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Restart your computer before finals… just please trust me on this.
  2. Close down all extraneous programs like Word, Chrome, Spotify (especially Spotify) before opening Examplify.
  3. Once you download Examplify, take a mock exam to test everything out.
  4. PC USERS: Please don’t forget to disable your Antivirus before launching an exam. You can re-enable it again afterwards, but it must be turned off before you launch Examplify. For directions on how to disable antivirus, please visit ExamSoft’s website: https://examsoft.force.com/etcommunity/s/article/Disabling-Anti-Virus-Software

  Download NOW avoid surprises.


Ok, so it’s not a terrible disaster if you have to hand write but it may be a bit disappointing to say the least. We’d love to help you avoid that disappointment if we can.

It’s also good to think about your computer as a test taking device as you approach finals (and the Bar Exam for you third years).

You don’t want to load up all kinds of free software, do scary web-browsing, and other activities that can add new variables to your computing life.

If there is any way you can do your gaming and scary web-browsing on another machine, you should do that. Keep your exam computer sacrosanct, holy and righteous, if only for the exam season.

Alumni Email? Get your new email account! With benefits!

Hurray! You’ve graduated from Pepperdine Law! The last thing on your mind is your Pepperdine Email account, but there are some things you need to know…

  • After graduation a process starts that begins with your status changing from student to alumnus.  This process involves a file transfer that takes place sometimes weeks after graduation.  Sure, you have the diploma but the system doesn’t recognize you as an alumnus until that file is transferred from the student system to the alumni system. Typically this takes place about a month after the date of your graduation.  That’s when all the automated stuff starts up.
  • On the fifteenth day of the month immediately after your graduation date you will get an email to your student email account.  This email will give you the instructions and an important link you will need to setup your alumni email account… but you needn’t wait for that note, you can do it NOW by going here.
  • Note that student email accounts are deleted 90 days after the student’s last enrolled semester (90 days from the time of your entry into the alumni system — typically less than a month after Graduation day).
  • Once an account is deleted/deactivated the data/emails in that account it is not recoverable.

emailBut there’s good news. You’re an alumnus now!  Alumni may obtain a free, email account through Pepperdine’s Alumni Association. You can find more information on Alumni Email at this website.

Part of this process also includes instructions on how to easily migrate your Pepperdine Google Drive contents to a new Alumni Google Drive account!  The best benefit? UNLIMITED STORAGE!

After your student email address expires, no mail will be received at your student address. To make a smooth transition, the Alumni Association recommends:

  1. Set up your new alumni e-mail address immediately when you get that email noted above.
  2. Forward your mail in Wavenet to a new email address — that new alumni address or another one you prefer. (Note that forwarding will only work up until your student email account is suspended.)
  3. Set up an out-of-office message in your Pepperdine Student Email (accessed through Wavenet) account informing all your contacts of your graduation and of your new email address. Log into Wavenet click on Options, and then update your Out of Office Assistant.

Graduating 3L? LexisNexis access for you after graduation…

–From our friends at LexisNexis–

LexisNexis Graduate Access:

Graduating 3Ls have continued access to Lexis upon graduation to keep their skills up to date and use for job and interview preparation.

The Graduate Program gives extended access to Lexis Advance to spring graduates via their law school IDs through December 31, 2019.

This ID also grants them access to the Graduate Home Page and gives them a graduation gift (detailed in the flyer).

The transition from a regular law school ID to a graduate ID happens on July 5, 2019.

Read the flyer (linked below) for more information, including special services for those employed by a 501(c)(3) organization.

Graduate Program Flyer

Taking An Open Notes Exam

In Examplify, there is a Mock Open Notes Exam available for all students to try. This allows students to practice taking an exam with open notes and internet access.

It is recommended that students take a mock exam before the first real exam to make sure software is working correctly, and to become familiar with the interface and features of the Examplify software. Here is a guide for taking the mock exam:

Download the Mock Exam

  • Under My Exams on the left-hand menu of Examplify, select Mock Open Notes Exam, and download the exam

Log In and Start Exam

  • Enter the 4-digit exam number: 2019 and exam password: Open2019
  • For the real exam, the exam number will be found in your WaveNet account, and the password will be given by the proctor on the day of the exam.
  • Under Exam Details and Exam Settings, you will be able to see the default settings for the mock exam. Since it is open notes, the exam should be Non-Secure, Wifi On, and you should be able to Navigate between questions.
  • You will be directed to a start-up box. Click the agreement and the green Start button to begin.

At any time in the Exam, you are also free to navigate into a browser to check an answer, into notes from class, or consult any other resources on or off your computer that would be helpful!

Essay Question

  • For an essay question, type the response in the given answer section. Note the essay control options at the top of the exam, allowing adjustments of font size, style, page alignment, and more.
  • Within the text box, you may separate your answers by labeling each answer within the essay section, e.g. Question 2, Part A. Examplify automatically saves and backs up your responses every 30 seconds.
  • Also, note the icon that allows you to check character and word count.
  • Since navigation is open, at any point you may go back to a previous question or forward to the next, by either clicking on the question number bubbles on the left of the page, or by clicking on the previous/next tabs at the bottom right of the page.
  • Note also the Exam Controls at the top right of the page which allow you to hide exam from view, suspend exam to be completed later, and submit.
  • In the tool bar, you are able to adjust text size and set an alarm.

Submit Exam

  • Once you have reached the end of the exam and are happy with your responses, click Submit from the Exam control menu or after clicking Next from the last question.
  • Both options will lead you to the preliminary submit page. Click the box to signify you are done and press submit.
  • You will be led to the green Congratulations page, and then back to the Examplify dashboard, where your mock open exam will be listed under Completed.

Uploading your Examplify Exam — life is good!

a quick and easy process…

Click Exam Controls then Submit Exam


If you are certain that you would like to submit your exam, check “I am ready to exit my exam”.
Then click “Submit Exam.”

WARNING: Once you click “Submit Exam,” you cannot re-enter your exam.

Click “Submit Exam”

Once your exam has been successfully uploaded, you will receive the green confirmation screen. You have now completed your exam. Please wait for further instructions from your Proctor.

Now that you are finished with the upload process, click “Close.”

If the upload process is taking some time or seems to be “timing out,” then you may want t relocate to a place where you are certain there is a strong, reliable internet connection and then restart your laptop computer, and Examplify will attempt to upload your exam again after it has found an valid Internet connection.

— Adapted with permission from Jimmy Bowers —

Hold off on MacOS 01.15 Catalina!

As many of you may know, Apple released a new software update titled macOS 10.15 Catalina earlier this week. However, the Law School’s Information Services advises against updating your machine’s OS at the moment, since Pepperdine currently does not support Catalina on any university owned Mac computers. Please continue to operate on your latest version of macOS Mojave 10.14 until further notice.

We ask you to please hold off on installing this update or purchasing any new Apple products until we resolve the potential issues that have been developing, such as complications with ExamSoft, video conferencing and whole disk encryption.

Thank you for your cooperation, and feel free to contact Information Services at (310) 506-7425 or support@law.pepperdine.edu with any further questions or additional technology assistance.

Registering / Re-registering Examplify

Is your software not working? Here are some steps you can try to get your Examplify to work. 

  1. Go to: https://ei.examsoft.com/GKWeb/login/pepperdinelaw
  2. Log in with your student ID and password that was emailed to you by Hong Kha. 
  3. In step 2 of the next screen, click on the Download button and register with Examplify.

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the “I Accept” button.
5. Now open up Examplify and log in using the same username and password. 

If you need any technology assistance, please feel free to reach out to Information Services at (310) 506-7425 or support@law.pepperdine.edu.Good luck!

Survival Tips for Midterm Exams

As midterm season approaches, Information Services is here to give you some tips on how to survive your midterm exams!

Commit your Student Exam ID Number to Memory
Please make sure you enter the correct Exam ID number on your Scantron forms and Exam envelopes.  It is the only way for us to maintain grading anonymity.

Accept Examplify User Agreement for the Current Academic Year
Before taking exams, you must re-register your Examplify software for the current academic year by accepting the User Agreement. You will not be able to download exams until you accept the new user agreement.  Please visit the following website for directions to re-register:

Download your Midterm Exams BEFORE the day of your exams
Please download ALL of your exams as they become available.  An e-mail will notify you as exams become available for download.  Please do NOT wait until the last minute to do this in the exam room, as it may not download in the exam room.

Before taking exams, close ALL programs and disable your anti-virus
Please close all programs regularly in use; particularly Spotify, and be sure that your anti-virus is disabled to ensure a smooth test-taking experience with ExamSoft.

If you are using a Mac Computer, DO NOT update the latest OS version
Examplify will NOT work with the latest Mac OS version.  Do NOT update until after 12/21/19.

Take a “Mock Exam” in Examplify before taking your first midterm exam
Please make sure Examplify is working within your computing environment so that you can be confident that it will perform when you want it to during final exams.

Please UPLOAD your exams to ExamSoft when time is called
Please wait until you see the green screen that indicates your “Exam was Uploaded Successfully”.

REMINDER: If Examplify “freezes” during an exam, please try powering your computer off, then on again.  ExamSoft should reboot and ask if you want to “return to exam software”.  If not, please pick up a Blue Book from the Proctor.  Be assured that your work is saved often, so you can pick-up typing/writing where you left off.

If you need any technology assistance, please feel free to reach out to Information Services at (310) 506-7425 or support@law.pepperdine.edu.Good luck!

Pepperdine Eduroam

As of today, Information Technology at Pepperdine Law has provided Pepperdine eduroam, a new and free Wi-Fi service that allows traveling students, staff and faculty to connect to participating eduroam Wi-Fi networks in any global location that is using a Pepperdine UserID and password.

Though providing a more secure online experience, your Wi-Fi devices will remain the same in usability and function as they do at Pepperdine’s Southern California campuses.

Please visit the Pepperdine eduroam website for instructions on how to set-up your Pepperdine eduroam profile.

If you are planning to travel any time soon and would like to use this service, or if you have any questions at all regarding Pepperdine eduroam, please feel free to contact Information Services at support@law.pepperdine.edu or (310) 506-7425.

Student Registration with Turning Technologies

Welcome students and faculty to the wonderful world of Turning Technologies! Below you will find a step by step guide on how to create a student registered account for TurningPoint.

1. Go to student.turningtechnologies.com.

2. Select Sign In.

3. Enter your Pepperdine University email address in the area provided.

4. Click Create Account.

5. Check your Pepperdine email and click the verification link.

6. Enter all required fields and click Finish.

7. As the student registration page opens, click Get Started.

8. When you enter the Subscription page, click Skip.

9. Proceed to enter your Clicker ID. After you are done entering the Clicker ID, select Add. If you do not have a clicker and need one, contact Information Services to be provided with one or select Purchase Clicker to be directed to the Student Store.

10. Click Finish. Now, your new student profile page should be displayed.

If you need additional help, please contact Information Services at support@law.pepperdine.edu or (310) 506-7425.