SofTest to Support Yosemite – Upgrade to the latest version of SofTest!

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Are you planning on using ExamSoft’s SofTest exam taking software for final exams this Fall 2014 term? Did you recently upgrade to Mac OS X 10.10, Yosemite? If you read our last post, you were hopefully waiting to install Yosemite until it is supported by ExamSoft. Remember, DO NOT download any new version of Mac OS until you have verified that it is supported by ExamSoft.

Good News, your wait is over! Beginning Monday, November 3rd, 2014 Yosemite will be supported by ExamSoft. You can upgrade to the newest Mac OS Yosemite starting 11.3.14 and the new OS will be compatible with the latest version of SofTest.

Before attempting to take any exams, please verify that you have the latest SofTest version, and as always, work through a Mock Exam to ensure proper use of the software before your exams.

For more information, and to see what others are saying about this and other exciting ExamSoft announcements, please visit the ExamSoft Community.


This Just In: Mac Yosemite will work with SofTest beginning 11.3.14

ExamSoft has just announced that it will begin supporting the new Mac OS X.10 starting Monday, November 3rd, 2014. After 11.3. you may upgrade to the newest Mac OS X.10 Yosemite version, which will be compliant with the latest version of SofTest. As always, please confirm that you have the latest version of SofTest by visiting the ExamSoft website.

As always, stay tuned to for more important updates regarding ExamSoft, or consult the ExamSoft website to ensure you stay current with all the latest news regarding your SofTest exam software.



So you got the iPhone 6… Don’t bend it!

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So you are one of the lucky ones… who managed to get an iPhone 6 before stores ran out during Apple’s record breaking release. But this isn’t just any phone, it’s one that has the power to compel otherwise sane people to stand in lines for hours, days, even weeks!

If you are holding a working iPhone 6 in your hand right now, then you are also one of the lucky ones who managed to avoid the temptation to intentionally attempt to “bend” your new iPhone 6. Despite the internet’s prompting to test the structural load capacity of the iPhone’s latest innovative design, the iPhone may not be quite as brittle as you’ve been led to believe. “Bendgate” as it is being dubbed online, seems to have done little in dissuading consumers from purchasing however, as sales are projected to top out just short of 180 million units by the end of 2014.

Although the iPhone’s sleek new anodized aluminum back plate and steel frame is a slight design departure from its traditionally thicker, more rigid frame, the redesign has allowed for a much thinner profile than previous iPhone versions. However, along with that slender profile comes a few trade-offs, one of which is the impressive durability of earlier iPhones. Yet the 6’s strength is nothing to scoff at, as it remains just as durable as most other smart phones on the market. As a variety of articles published in the wake of “Bendgate” point out, all smart phones will break if you purposefully try to bend them. Granted, some will bend more easily than others, but the iPhone 6 has merely joined the majority of smart phones that are slightly more delicate than their bulkier, albeit more durable, competitors.

So what’s our advice for protecting your iPhone 6? Well if you’ve made it this far, Do Not Try to Bend Your iPhone 6! Barring a deliberate attempt to bend the 6, it should hold up just fine under normal daily wear and tear, with the exception of a few minor dings and dents. However, if you still fear for the safety and well-being of your shiny new phone, we highly recommend purchasing an external protective case or cover. Most high-end durable cases, such as OtterBox and Griffin Survivor, run between $30-$60 online. The small price tag is well worth it considering the hours of time you spent in line to procure Apple’s latest revelation. A protective case will provide you with the rigid durability you are accustomed to with your previous iPhone and should guard your investment from the occasional inadvertent mishap. That is of course, providing you resist the urge to try to willfully bend it like Beckham.

But enough on Bendgate. Congratulations! You’re the proud owner of one of the newest and most sought after technological innovations on the market.

So now that you have it, you might be thinking… what next? Well below we have provided you some helpful tips to get you started.


Helpful Tips

Apple has provided a variety of helpful setup directions and essential how-to guides for getting your iPhone up and running.

Yahoo Tech has also released some helpful tips and tricks for the tech savvy user. These include directions for importing all of your messages, contacts, and backed up info from you old phone, as well as directions for organizing your countless apps and a few other tips that might come in handy.

And most importantly, don’t forget to setup your new device up on Pepperdine’s network. First thing’s first, check out our directions for Registering Your New Device! Once you have registered your new iPhone, you will then need to setup your device to receive email from your Pepperdine email account. For detailed directions on how to access Pepperdine email on your iPhone, please visit our Pepperdine Email directions page. (Hint: it helps if you are logged into WaveNet as you are setting up your email service on your iPhone).

That’s it! You should be all set up and running! We hope this article helps you enjoy Apple’s latest miracle machine.

New Device or Computer?

ios7Did you get a new electronic device or computer recently?

Don’t forget to setup your Wireless Network Access and your Printing Services.

Internet: Wireless Network Access-

  1. Open a web browser on your device (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and visit any web page. You will be redirected to the WavesConnect website for your location.
  2. Read and agree to the Computer and Network Responsible Use Policy.
  3. Click “Start” next to the heading of “Current Students, Faculty and Staff.”
  4. Enter your NetworkID and password. That’s your short username, typically, first initial and last name ie John Doe = jdoe
  5. Select “Student” or “Faculty/Staff” from the drop down menu.
  6. Click “Register.”
  7. Wait for the progress bar to complete or reboot your computer.
  8. Registration is now complete. You must register your computer or device annually.


Please note that the Macintosh installer only works for Macintosh 10.7 and higher. If you have an operating older than 10.6, you will have to either upgrade your system or use our Mobile Print Service FOUND HERE

PC 64-bit Users, CLICK HERE for the Black and White printers and the Color printer
PC 32-bit Users, CLICK HERE for the Black and White printers and the Color printer

If you’re a PC user and unsure which installer to use the following directions.

  1. Click on the Start button and then Control Panel.
  2. Click on the System and Security link.Note: If you’re viewing either the Large icons or Small icons view of Control Panel, you won’t see this link. Just click on the System icon and then proceed to Step 4.
  3. In the System and Security window, click on the System link.
  4. When the System window opens, titled as View basic information about your computer, locate the System area below the oversized Windows logo.
  5. In the System area, look for System type among the other statistics about your computer.The System type will report either a 32-bit Operating System or a 64-bit Operating System.

SofTest Version Release

As of October 9, 2014 the most current Version of SofTest for Pepperdine Law School students is:





How do I verify I have the latest version of SofTest?

To verify if you have the latest version of SofTest,Go to your institution’s ExamSoft portal: where ‘schoolname’ represents the abbreviated name for your institution. (E.g. California Bar would be calbar.) Log in at the “Exam Takers” field at the top left.


After you have logged in you will then need to click the “Gear” in the top right corner of the page and select “My Account”

You can review the latest version of SofTest from here as shown below.

If you do not have the latest version and you are told there is a newer version of SofTest available you need to update SofTest.


How do I Update SofTest?

To trigger the SofTest automatic update, first open the application on your laptop. The instructions are slightly different for users on different operating systems.

For Windows OS users, press the CTRL button and the letters ‘A’ and ‘U’ simultaneously (CTRL+AU).

For Mac OSX users, once SofTest is open, press the Command key plus the letters ‘A’ and ‘U’ simultaneously (CMND+AU).

You should get a message that requests you to accept the update similar to this:

es3Wait up to 15 minutes and then reopen SofTest and view the version number at the top of SofTest to verify that it has successfully updated.



We have a few simple steps to install and register SofTest so you can be prepared to take your upcoming exams:

1. Go to

2. Log in under ‘Exam Takers’ using your credentials.Students can access their student ID and 4-digit exam number through WaveNet in the Student Resource section under the heading, Academic History.

StudentID: {Custom.StudentID}

Password: {Custom.Passwd}

3. Download SofTest and complete the installation process. Launch SofTest and register using your StudentID and password.

For FAQ and information on how to us SofTest, visit Using ExamSoft on Your Laptop