Welcome to iClicker for faculty! For an extensive tutorial on creating an account and utilizing the features iClicker has to offer our faculty, please see the video below.

This page will walk you through setting up an iClicker account, so that you may begin to create your courses.

  1. In a web browser, navigate to iclicker.com and click Sign In in the top right corner.

2. Click Instructor.

3. You will be directed to iClicker Cloud, which is the platform for instructors and faculty. Click Sign Up underneath the Sign Up button to create your account.

4. You will be asked to begin creating your profile. NOTE: Make sure to type in Law School: Pepperdine University as your primary institution. The label “Pepperdine University” is not the version paid for by CSOL.

5. Continue to fill out the information and click the box agreement to iClicker’s policies. Then, click Create.

6. In the next page, make sure you have the option for Polls, Quizzes, and Attendance selected. You do not need to use all of those features, but if you select “Just to take attendance”, you will not be able to change your settings later.

7. Again, you will be prompted to select an institution. DELETE “Pepperdine University” and TYPE IN Law School: Pepperdine University.

8. Fill out the rest of your course information (optional) then click Create.

9. Congratulations, you now have a course! By clicking on the course name, you will be directed to the course itself.

Note that on the left-hand side of your course, you can find the class history where attendance and statistics will be held, assignments, and more.