Classroom A, also known as the Salathe Classroom, is located on the first floor of the Law School building directly to the right of the Appellate Courtroom.

Professor’s View

This is the smart screen computer that the professor may use. it is equipped with touch screen and annotation capabilities.

Dual Projectors and Screens

The student will see two screens, one which projects the Desktop PC (picture left) and the other which shows the laptop (picture right).

If you are not connecting a laptop, then both projectors will show the Desktop PC. Behind the dual projectors shown here, are two whiteboards.

Visual Settings in Zoom

In Zoom, there is only one option for your camera settings, which is the Clearview HD-USB. This camera will show the students the professor, as shown below.

Smart Control Panel

To operate the smart control panel, push the “home” icon on the far right-hand tool column to power on, and then proceed to choose your input sources.

When using the projector, you may press the “blank screen” button on the smart control panel (shown below). This freezes the screen so that the instructor can navigate to another page without the students seeing it.


For the blu-ray player, only use the blu-ray disk function. The rest of the console is correctly calibrated and should not be touched. If you are having troubles with audio, etc., call IS support.


The IS Support Line is located on the wall beside the far door. To use, simply pick up the phone and wait to be directed to a representative.

Ceiling Mics and Speakers

The ceiling microphones are the small round mics set into the ceiling at intervals, while the large ones are the speakers. It is recommended that if there is a quieter student in the class, they sit under the microphones directly so their voice may be better projected.

Power Outlets

The power outlets are located underneath the student desks.

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The lapel microphone is located in the charging port, next to the HDMI port on the speaker’s lectern. Always return the mic to the charging port when you are finished.

Note the HDMI and USB port is located next to the microphone port.

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For the lapel mic, turn it on by switching the “on” switch located at the top of the mic. Clip the mic that is on the end of the cord to your collar or jacket, where it will be close enough to your mouth that you can project your speech to the class.


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