Highlighting Feature in Examplify

For essay questions in exams through Examplify, you may have the option to highlight your text. Please see the guide below for how to access and use this feature.

  1. Open your exam and locate an essay question. Next to the Flag Question button at the top of the page, you should see a highlighter icon. (If this icon is not present, you do not have the option to highlight your text). Click on the icon.

2. Next, select the color of highlight you would like to use.

3. Finally, click on the selection of text you wish to highlight.


Alumni Email? Get your new email account! With benefits!

Hurray! You’ve graduated from Pepperdine Caruso School of Law! The last thing on your mind is your Pepperdine Email account, but there are some things you need to know…

  • COVID-19 NOTE: This applies to all students graduating from any program at Pepperdine: Student email accounts, WaveNet, and other network-related resources are governed by university policy and managed by the university IT department. Typically, student email accounts, WaveNet access, printing, Zoom, etc. would be deactivated 90 days after the 15th of the month following the date of graduation. In these unprecedented circumstances, this date is pushed further out.  We do not yet have a fixed date for this but it is presently set to be 90 days after commencement. That’s the graduation ceremony, not the official graduation date which for Spring 2020 on-ground programs was 5/15/2020 and for Spring 2021 is presently set at 5/21/2021. At some point, recent graduates’ student email accounts will be deactivated by the university. When the commencement date is set, recent graduates will receive automated notifications in their student email inboxes 90, 60 and 30 days before account deactivation.
  • After graduation a process starts that begins with your status changing from student to alumnus.  This process involves a file transfer that takes place sometimes several days to a few weeks after graduation.  Sure, you have the diploma but the system doesn’t recognize you as an alumnus until that file is transferred from the student system to the alumni system. Typically this takes place about a month after the date of your graduation.  That’s when all the automated stuff starts up.
  • On the fifteenth day of the month immediately after your graduation date you will get an email to your student email account.  This email will give you the instructions and an important link you will need to setup your alumni email account… but you needn’t wait for that note, you can do it NOW/today by going here (as long as your “today” is after your official graduation date).
  • Note that student email accounts are disabled 90 days after the student’s last enrolled semester (90 days from the time of your entry into the alumni system — typically less than a month after Graduation day).
  • Once an account is deactivated the data/emails in that account it is not recoverable.

emailBut there’s good news. You’re an alumnus now!  Alumni may obtain a free, email account through Pepperdine’s Alumni Association. You can find more information on Alumni Email at this website.

Part of this process also includes instructions on how to easily migrate your Pepperdine Google Drive contents to a new Alumni Google Drive account!  The best benefit? UNLIMITED STORAGE!

After your student email address expires, no mail will be received at your student address. To make a smooth transition, the Alumni Association recommends:

  1. Set up your new alumni e-mail address immediately when you get that email noted above.
  2. Forward your mail in Wavenet to a new email address — that new alumni address or another one you prefer. (Note that forwarding will only work up until your student email account is suspended.)
  3. Set up an out-of-office message in your Pepperdine Student Email (accessed through Wavenet) account informing all your contacts of your graduation and of your new email address. Log into Wavenet click on Options, and then update your Out of Office Assistant.

Multiple Choice Exam Features

Once you have received the email with your start time, end time, and password information, please login to Examplify and click on the exam you previously downloaded to take in ExamSoft. 

  1. The question number you are on is marked in the left-hand column. Note that for exams with many questions, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the down arrow to continue to view more questions. The example below shows 8 questions, but there are 10 total, viewable by clicking the arrow.

2. If you know an answer is incorrect, you may eliminate it from view by clicking the “eye” icon to the far right of the question bubble.

3. By clicking on the “tool kit” button in the top right of your screen, you may adjust the text size as well as add an alarm for your convenience.

4. If there are question attachments in your exam, you can access those under the “question attachment” header.

5. You may click “flag question” above the question you are working on, if you do not know the answer and wish to return to it later. This will flag the question number in the far left-hand column to indicate you need to return to the question.

6. The exam attachment will appear in your PDF reader and allow you to Print from your PDF application, typically using the printer icon at the top of the screen. 

7. There is a timer at the  top of your screen. (Please note: It is your responsibility to start and end your exams on time.  Your exams must be uploaded by the exam end time and will not allow for a “late start/end time”)


Caruso Law Building Access – Unlock the Door!

(COVID 19 Access notes: The Law Library is accessible to students ONLY through the main building entrance and then the main Law Library entrance. No other doors are enabled for your access.)

You may have noticed that the Caruso School of Law facility has an electronic access control system. This system works on a two factor authentication system.

  1. Have something (your Pepperdine ID card)
  2. Know something (your Pepperdine PIN code)

In order to unlock a door you need three things: the two things mentioned above AND permission to access that area.

To unlock a door note that you will see a keypad/card reader on primary and secondary entrances to larger areas such as the main entrance to the Caruso Law facility and the main entrance to the Harnish Law Library.

Image of a Keypad-Card Reader

Using your Pepperdine ID card, you hold it over the keypad for 1-2 seconds.

Image illustrating how to hold your ID card flat in parallel with the  keypad like you are trying to cover the keypad

If you have permission in the system to open the door managed by this access control device, a small green light will appear when you hold your card close to the keypad. You may then move the card out of the way and enter your FOUR digit PIN code.

After that code is entered, the door will unlock.

DO NOT allow others to enter behind you when you unlock the door with your PIN code. They need to unlock with their own cards.

DO NOT share your Pepperdine ID card or your PIN code with others.

Your Zoom Identity Matters

Why your Zoom identity matters. It impacts your course participation and attendance. If your professor is relying on your Zoom screen name to assign you participation points, then you’ll want to make sure your name is accurate in the participant list. If you are attending a Zoom class session that takes attendance via Zoom chat and your professor has asked you to type “here” in the chat to comply with the academic attendance policy, and your name is not showing up. You need to log into Pepperdine Zoom SSO before starting your course Zoom session.

Here are the steps to ensure your name is showing up in Zoom.

Step 1. Go to Pepperdine Zoom website at pepperdine.zoom.us

Step 2. Log in with your Pepperdine network account at the CAS/SSO log in page.

Step 3. Once you get to the next page you can go to Courses to join your class Zoom Pro session.

How to Sign Up for Email and Text Notifications for Examplify

It’s easy to sign up for email and text notifications for Examplify.

Go to: https://ei.examsoft.com/GKWeb/login/pepperdinelaw

Log in with the same Student ID and Password as the one you use for Exampify when taking an exam.

Examsoft login page with the Exam Takers student login information highlighted.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter your phone number for text confirmation and/or your email address if you’d like to receive email notifications.

Examsoft’s student portal with the Set Your Notifications highlighted.

If you have not received your email notification, please check your spam folder and report it as not spam.

A confirmation email in the spam folder with the spam folder and the report not spam option highlighted.

Text notification will look like this. Any issue with text notifications should be brought to Examsoft’s support team or your cell phone provider’s attention.

The lock screen on a phone with a text notification that an exam has uploaded.

This LawTech article details how to check to see if your exam has uploaded.

Please contact the CSOL-IS department at (310) 506-7425 or email support@law.pepperdine.edu if you have any further questions. 

How to Check if Your Exam Uploaded

There are multiple ways to know if your exam has uploaded. 

After you finish the exam, Examplify will upload the file to their servers. You will see this green confirmation screen when that finishes. 

If you have signed up for email notifications and have not received one, please check your spam folder and mark the emails as Not Spam.

You can also log into ExamSoft using the same Student ID and Password you use to log into Examplify. 

Select the courses tab at the top of the screen.

You will see a list of all of your courses and if there are any notifications on, then there is an exam you need to download or upload. 

After you select your course, you will see any required action in red on the left. There are also columns showing your download and upload timestamps. 

You can also email your exam upload confirmation by clicking on the envelope icon.

This LawTech article details how to sign up for Examplify text and email notification.

Please contact the CSOL-IS department at (310) 506-7425 or email support@law.pepperdine.edu if you have any further questions. 


Using a PIN to access a University area with card swipe access — Where’s my PIN, What do I do if I forgot it or never knew what it is????

Every student, staff member and faculty member has a university-issued PIN or Personal Identification number for use with your ID card. Residential students use these all the time to enter their apartments or dorm rooms. You may not have needed your PIN until now.

The PIN is used in conjunction with the access control system at Pepperdine and is part of a two factor authentication system that requires a user to “have something” and to “know something” in this case you “have” your ID card which has a proximity chip in it and you “know” your PIN.

Don’t KNOW your PIN? Here are the instructions for retrieving your PIN.

PIN Retrieval App Instructions
1.Login to your personal WaveNet page using your Network ID and Password.
2.Select the Student Services tab and then ID Card PIN Lookup from the drop-down menu.

3.You will be prompted to read a disclaimer and select Agree.

4.You will then be required to login for a secondary security authentication.

5.The PIN information will displayed as follows:

6.If you are not currently setup in the access database you will be directed to the following screen: (You will see this screen for the first 20-30 minutes after your ID card is printed as the computer system updates. Check again soon.)

7.The PIN display screen will reset in 30 seconds and you will be re-directed back to the Disclaimer page. However, another session can be initiated by selecting Agree and following the process again as outlined.

This information is also available HERE with a visual guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-L99QWwGYkjbFri18VXNgcjzXKeYHIf4/view?usp=sharing

Spring 2021 Midterm Examplify Update v. 2.6.4

Do you know what happens to students who don’t run their Examplify updates? They lose the ability to access and print their exam instructions! Yikes! We just found out too! Both Mac and Windows users need to run the update. Not just once but twice! Yup, we are two versions behind. While you’re at it, take the Spring 2021 Mock Exam to make sure you can see and print the attached exam instructions. The highly sought-out secret password to access the mock exam is “password!123”.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Open Examplify and log in using the credentials emailed to you by me (hong.kha@pepperdine.edu) via ExamSoft.

Step 2: Click the green Update button to run the update

Step 3: Read the Software License Agreement. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the agreement before it lets you click the “I Agree” button.

Step 4: If you are using a Mac, allow your system to install the update.

Step 5: Once you get to “The installation was successful” screen click close.

Step 6: Relaunch Examplify to complete the update.

Step 7: Relaunch Examplify and run the update again. This time it should be for version 2.6.4

Step 8: Download and Open the Spring 2021 Mock Exam (password is: “password!123”)

Step 9: Click on Exam Controls from the top right corner and select Exam Attachments

Step 9: You should see the Print button and be able to print your exam instructions. You will need to have Adobe Reader downloaded first.

Examsoft Support Information

So you finally finished that 3 hour exam. You’ve uploaded your exam file and got the green “All Clear” sign (cue enormous sigh of relief). Congratulations! You’re home free at last … but … you have your doubts … and you want some reassurance.

No worries!  The first thing you may want to do is check to see the status of the ExamSoft systems that run behind the scenes.   This site will give you the status of their systems in real time so you will know if for some reason an internet outage in some part of the country may be impacting the upload confirmation that you are expecting.  While rare, this has happened a few times and it’s nice to know that it’s just a slowdown.

For more support information visit their tech support self-help page for help fixing whatever ails your computer post exam. help.examsoft.com

If you experience a problem, remember that this is the exact same software used for your California Bar exam (and many other jurisdictions), so it’s best to sort out all these problems now, rather than when you’re sitting for potentially the biggest exam of your life.

You can also check out this page for the list of their latest minimum computer requirements for Examplify on Windows PC and Mac OS computers.

You can also check out this Quick Start reference list for all the support tips you might need.

And if you get Really lost, give Examsoft’s tech support, use this form to enter your issue, use the live chat feature on that same page,  call at 866.429.8889 or via email at support@examsoft.com. They’re just waiting to help!