All Westlaw Users: Reset your Password Today!

top_nav_left2012If you have logged into your Westlaw account recently, then you might have noticed a small alert box on your home page reminding you to reset your password before early February. If you are a proactive person, you heeded the warning and promptly updated your password. As a reward for your initiative, you may stop reading this post here. Also, if you reset your password on or after October 7, 2014, then you won’t need to reset your password either.

However, if you have not logged into your account this semester, or were like the rest of us procrastinators and ignored the alert message altogether, you will need to update your password ASAP to prevent any disruption to your access to TWEN or other Westlaw services. If you do not reset your password before early February, you will be locked out of the system.

For instructions on how to reset your password in 4 easy steps, please visit the Westlaw password reset page.

If you normally access TWEN through Wavenet, you will still need to update your Westlaw OnePass password. Once you update your Westlaw password, you may select the TWEN link from Wavenet. OnePass will prompt you to enter your Westlaw login credentials and password during this initial login, but will then store your password for seamless future access to TWEN through Wavenet.

If you can’t remember your password to access your account, don’t worry, simply click on the “Forgot My Password” link and follow the steps to reset your password.

So why wait any longer? Avoid getting this error message in February and reset your OnePass password Today!


NOTE: Some browsers may update your stored password automatically, while others may not. If your stored password is not updated automatically, simply select “Sign in with a different account” and then enter your new password and select the “Remember me on this Computer” checkbox to store your updated information.


Windows 7 Update Possible Problem


The recent Microsoft update (Dec 10) has been reported as causing problems with some video drivers. There are some reports of system instability as well. At this time we are still recommending that users continue the best practice of keeping Windows auto-update enabled; however, if you’ve recently had trouble with video drivers it is recommended that you remove KB3004394.

Unconfirmed reports include problems with USB 3.0 drivers, the User Account Control (UAC) system, and Windows Defender service being disabled by the update.

Spamfilter at Pepperdine

Spam is every bit the reality in our email inboxes as the junkmail that comes in our postboxes; though often more obnoxious and potentially more dangerous. The University has made great improvements in the last few years to protect users from spam.

If you suspect that you’ve missed a message because it was blocked by the spamfilter, or if you’d like to customize the features of the anti-spam services here at Pepperdine, log in to Provided by a company called Sophos, this system will allow you to retrieve any messages that might have been incorrectly labeled as spam as well as manually add email addresses that you wish to allow to email you, by-passing the filter, or block from sending you email.

Additionally, University Information Technology provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers. However you may wish to review all their help files concerning spam to educate yourself fully.

Finally, Microsoft Outlook also has Spam/Junk E-mail controls. Here’s an excellent overview video (approx. 6mins):

Telephone Conference Calls

unlimited_conferencingWe have a new Telephone Conferencing system here at the School of Law provided by Unlimited Conferencing. They have a very helpful FAQ for moderators.

Please use our Service Request Form and select schedule teleconference and we will handle all the setup details for you.

The process of starting a conference call is as simple as dialing a phone number and entering a conference PIN. If you need further help or have more specific questions that are not addressed in the FAQ, we are more than happy to assist you.

Voicemail Services

B0019P 0044Most folks do not know that there is a very useful web-interface for managing their voicemail settings at Pepperdine. No need to deal with confusing phone push button menus, you can do it all through the convenience of your web-browser!

The official name for this service is the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant. Click on that fancy sounding name and login with your Pepperdine username and password.

The number one question from users: How do I change my voicemail password?

But I’m sure you’ll have other questions as well, so check out the FAQs provided.