Zoom: A Guide for Students

Pepperdine University has a university-wide site license for the popular video conferencing product, Zoom, for all students, faculty and staff at Pepperdine. This site is great for joining or hosting meetings, study groups, workspaces and webinars–whether it be for attending a remote class lecture or creating a personal audio/video chat.

Usage and Benefits

As opposed to FaceTime’s often unreliable quality of connection when conversing with multiple users, Zoom’s webinar feature allows you to host large online events with video, audio and screen sharing for up to 100 participants and 10,000 viewers (note that the webinar feature is dependent upon special access to a webinar license – make sure to coordinate your event through the Caruso Law Events Team). Or just use the regular Zoom meeting functionality for remote club meetings or group project sessions! You may even record and save a meeting (with a complete transcript) on your local device or to the Cloud.

Note that Zoom is more than just a competitor to other video conferencing products like FaceTime and Skype. It also integrates seamlessly into your Google Calendar if you use Google Chrome for your browser. It also can be used as a telephone alternative and/or a conference phone system, so there is no need to use the video component if you don’t need or want that feature.

Downloads and Installation

Students automatically have a Pepperdine University account under their user name and password via Central Authentication Service (CAS). To log-in and use the online web browser version, simply go to zoom.pepperdine.edu and use the SSO (single sign-on) option. If you are prompted for a “domain” enter Pepperdine.

You may also install the Zoom browser extension on to your personal computer. Once the Zoom extension for the Chrome Browser is installed, you can schedule a Zoom meeting right from your Google Calendar! This feature automatically fills in the Zoom meeting link and other information including optional phone numbers for folks to dial in from a regular phone to participate in your meeting.

For tips on how to maximize your remote internet experience, please click here.

For training, support information, and links related to Zoom at Pepperdine please click here: https://community.pepperdine.edu/it/tools/zoom/training.htm.

iClicker for Students

Welcome to iClicker for students! For an extensive tutorial on creating an account and utilizing the features iClicker has to offer our law students, please see the video below.

Note for returning students: the former “iClicker REEF for students is now named iClicker Student.”

1. Create a student account.

In a browser, go to the iClicker website and choose Sign In from the top right corner and then Student.

2. At the bottom of the screen, select Law School: Pepperdine University from the institution options and then select Go.

3. You will then be directed to the CAS campus portal. Log in using your CAS Login username and password.

4. You’ll then be directed back to iClicker student account setup page. If you already have a student account, you will be prompted to enter your iClicker password again (same as Wavenet password) to link the accounts.

Adding a Course

1. Click the plus sign at the top right corner of your iClicker Student account

2. When prompted for an institution, type Law School: Pepperdine University. Ensure that you do not choose simply “Pepperdine University” as that is not the version used by Caruso School of Law.

3. Click “Next” to confirm. The prompt should indicate that you attend Law School: Pepperdine University.

4. Next, type in either the name of your course or your instructor. Note: if the course does not appear, reach out to your instructor as they may have created the course in “Pepperdine University” instead of “Law School: Pepperdine University”.

5. Finally, confirm that the course is correct, and then click Add this Course.

iClicker on your Mobile Device

Download the iClicker Student app from the app store to your mobile device.

At the bottom of the login page, choose “Sign in through your campus portal

Select Law School: Pepperdine University

Login with your Wavenet account at the CAS screen.

Add a course by clicking the plus sign in the top right of your screen.

9. Under “Find your institution”, find Law School: Pepperdine University.

10. Find your course by typing in the course name OR professor name. It will show up when you start typing. Then select it from the options listed.

11. Check to see the information is correct, then add the course.

12. Now, under course lists, your class should appear.

13. Note the major benefit of using iClicker: study tools. Once you enter a class, on the top toolbar region will be listed course history, statistics, and study tools to aid in tracking your progression!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Information Services at support@law.pepperdine.edu or (310) 506-7425.