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Law Guides

Law Library Law Guides is a collection of research guides prepared by librarians at the Harnish Law Library. These guides are specifically designed to assist library users with the research of certain subjects or for specific courses. For further assistance, you may contact the guide author or the librarian on duty. To access Law Guides go to: http://lawguides.pepperdine.edu.

The Most Popular Guide Topics:

  • Microsoft Word: Answers to Law Students’ Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Foreign, Comparative, and International Law (FICL) Research
  • Clinical Law Research Guide
  • International Arbitration
  • Prepare for Legal Practice
  • Using the Law Library Catalog
  • National Security Law, Terrorism, and the Law of War

Additional Resources: Access the Home Page of Law Guides with important details of all of the law library services.


The Library Breaks Out the Playstation!

This article was written by Danielle Minke.

Are you tired after a long day of class?
Do you have extra time to spare? Do you want to just relax? 

playstationThe School of Law Harnish Law Library has the remedy you seek! The library is the proud owner of a PlayStation 3! This gaming console is available for all law students to play within the library; it is hooked up to the flat screen television across from the Public Services Desk.

Games available, include:

  • EA Sports: Fifa Soccer 13
  • Lego: Harry Potter Years 5-7
  • Little Big Planet 2, Special Edition
  • Portal 2
  • Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection
  • Lego: Batman 2 DC Super Heroes
  • Little Big Planet: Karting
  • Journey, Collector’s Edition
  • Rayman Origins

Instructions for the Quest to Play the PlayStation:

First Challenge: Choose a game from the DVD Collection.

Games are located next to the Blu-ray and DVDs.

Second Challenge: With the game in your possession, find your way to the Public Services desk. Once arrived, you will be able to unlock your second challenge of obtaining the game and controllers.

Third Challenge: Upon your request, a Public Services employee will set you up on your final stage of the quest. They will unlock the gate where the PlayStation lies. They shall place the game inside the PlayStation and provide you with headphones so that you don’t disturb your studying peers.

Congratulations: You have completed the first three challenges in this quest for playing the PlayStation 3. You are now able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and just relax.

Good luck on your game!

Fourth Challenge: Return controllers and game back to the Public Services desk.

The Virtual Law Bookshelf


Shelfari! is a great place to showcase your reading endeavors and reviews on a virtual bookshelf, and also to discover new and relevant books recommended by others. Click on the play button on the left (on the Voki) to hear what Walter has to say about Shelfari!

For Professors: It’s a great way to let students and/or other professors know what books you are reading, what books you have already read, and what books you want to read. I used the virtual bookshelf in my own class to show students what educational technology books I recommended (in addition to the course text), and to pique their interest in book options that would be beneficial to their learning experience.

For Students: Share helpful law resources with your peers and see what important books your professors or law librarians are reading!