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Google Presentations Edit Master Slide

Yes, we all know about Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote, but have you tried Google Presentations? Only one in a hundred presentations I have seen has used the bells and whistles you need a big piece of software for. What do you need for Google Presentations? A web browser.

Now Google has added built in widescreen support and the ability to edit master slides.

I’ll admit, this is an important step. Branding, even personal branding (that is, how people see you the presenter as well as the organization you represent) and the branding of your ideas needs to have a touch of unique style. If you pull out the template-of-the-month favorite and awkwardly stick a JPEG of your company logo in the corner you’ll regret it.

Take a look at what you can do for free, with your web browser, go visit drive.google.com and make a new presentation. Make a template for yourself. Spend a bit of time and then you’ll have something that always works for you. Save time in the long run by doing it once upfront.