Microphone Settings — trouble-shooting

If you are having trouble with your microphone when using Zoom please check your microphone input settings to ensure there is input level.

Both Windows and Mac settings are addressed below:

On MS Windows it would look something like this:

In the bottom right corner of your screen, you will notice the volume icon in the system tray.


Right-Click on the volume icon and click Open Sound Settings.


In the Sounds Settings window, look for Input and Choose your input device and then click the blue Device properties link (circled in red) in the screenshot below..


This will pull up the Microphone Properties window. Click the Levels Tab and you will then be able to adjust your microphone volume settings. 


The volume level does not have to be at 100%, but should be high enough that the computer can detect audio. 

Please make sure that your microphone is not muted. If you see the icon below, click the speaker icon to un-mute. 


Once you determine the best settings for you and your system, click OK to save the settings and then close all settings windows upon completion of adjusting your microphone volume settings.

For MacOS:


You will need to open your System Preferences menu, and in the second row to the right will be Sound. Click on that.


In the Sound menu, click on the Input tab to see the list of microphones available to use. This is where you want to select the mic you’ll be using. If you’re using a laptop, it will have a built-in Internal Microphone that is usually selected by default.


If you have headphones with a mic attached and they are plugged in, you’ll see them listed as an External Microphone. Either of these will work, and you can test them by talking and seeing that the bars in the Input level fill up.


If none of this solves your microphone solution, please send a note to support@law.pepperdine.edu or call Pepperdine University IT support at 310-506-HELP (4357).

Setup Auto Recording in your Zoom Session

2.5 minute Video Tutorial of this process

To add automatic recordings for a specific Zoom meeting/class session:

  1. Login to https://pepperdine.zoom.us
  2. Go to My Meetings.
  3. Click on  the meeting/course name from the list of Upcoming Meetings 
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of settings for that meeting/class session and click Edit this Meeting
  5. This re-opens the settings list but now you can change those settings
  6. Scroll down to the very bottom and under Meeting Options, check Record the meeting automatically.  Then select “Cloud”
  7. Click Save
  8. You have now set your meeting to record automatically.  You will be notified by email when the link to the recording is ready to share