a quick and easy process…

Click Exam Controls then Submit Exam


If you are certain that you would like to submit your exam, check “I am ready to exit my exam”.
Then click “Submit Exam.”

WARNING: Once you click “Submit Exam,” you cannot re-enter your exam.

Click “Submit Exam”

Once your exam has been successfully uploaded, you will receive the green confirmation screen. You have now completed your exam. Please wait for further instructions from your Proctor.

Now that you are finished with the upload process, click “Close.”

If the upload process is taking some time or seems to be “timing out,” then you may want t relocate to a place where you are certain there is a strong, reliable internet connection and then restart your laptop computer, and Examplify will attempt to upload your exam again after it has found an valid Internet connection.

— Adapted with permission from Jimmy Bowers —