The copiers located at the Harnish Law Library are capable of copying, scanning, printing, and even faxing. Have your Pepperdine ID card on hand to easily access the copier by swiping under the card reader to the left. Otherwise, input your information into the touch screen on the right (note that there is a pulldown keyboard under the screen).

Select “Access Device”

If you are presented with the ability to select an account, choose “My Personal Account”.

Select “Scan.”

Remember to place your document face-down onto the glass! Orient the corner in the uppermost left of the glass … where the white arrow is.

In this menu are several options. In the Address line, input your Pepperdine email. Enter a description of your document in the Subject line in the same way you would for an email. Selecting the “Options” tab bellow the Subject line allows you to enter a message in a drop-down text box.

When you scan a document, you can select an output file format that you can edit later. While a PDF format is a nice way to send and share documents, you can make those full text searchable documents by checking the “OCR” box which performs “optical character recognition” on the that PDF making it a more functional document. Additionally, you can scan directly into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint formats (DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX respectively). This makes a document, table or series of images accessible to you for editing.

Additionally, if the document is double-sided you can select “Original” and then select “2-Sided Booklet” which will scan both sides of the paper.

Finally, you can press “Start” at the bottom right of the screen and after a moment the email will be sent with the scanned document.