All students can print to all Sharp copiers in public areas at any of the Pepperdine Southern California campuses (click here to learn about print credit for students at school of law). Print accounting and print charges are managed by the University, allowing the charges to go to your Pepperdine ID card’s linked Waves Cash Global account.

The University has a process for refunds from the Waves Cash Global system. Note that you can also spend the Waves Cash Global funds by using your Pepperdine ID card in a campus cafeteria or on the copier/printer system.

If there has been an issue and you would like to request a refund, you must complete this IT reimbursement request form. This must be done through the University’s cashier’s office within 90 days of graduation to avoid  expiration, and must also abide by the five dollar minimum refund requirement.

After submitting the online form linked above, you will receive notification of availability and should then visit the cashier’s office in Malibu to pick up your refund. The Malibu cashier’s office is responsible for issuing any refund under $300, and is open Monday-Friday 8am-3pm. Any refund over $300 will be issued via a check within 2-3 weeks.

For more information, please visit the Waves Cash Web Deposit FAQ site.