This post offers a list of keyboard shortcuts for zoom that can be useful for instructors. The material has been summarized from Tech Learning’s website.

Note that these specific shortcuts can only be used in the zoom app, and not in a browser window.

Mute Audio

  • PC: Alt + A (to mute yourself)
  • PC: Alt + M (to mute your students)
  • Mac: Cmd + A/M
  • iPad: Cmd + Shift + A/M

To mute yourself in zoom without navigating to the mute/unmute button in your toolbar, try using the combination of keys listed above relevant to your device type. Always remember to check your profile on zoom to ensure that you have muted and unmuted successfully!

Screenshot Your Page in Zoom

  • PC: Alt + Shift + T 
  • Mac: Cmd + T
  • iPad: Volume up + Power buttons

If there is an instance where you would like to capture what is presented on your screen, try using the shortcuts above. The picture will save in your files for later. This can be helpful during someone’s zoom presentation, where the presentation may not be saved and you would like to take notes afterwards and review the material. Make sure, though, that the presenter is informed that you are saving their presentation, and that they are ok with you doing so.

Begin Recording

  • PC: Alt + V
  • Mac: Cmd + Shift + M
  • iPad: Cmd + Shift + M

These shortcuts begin a recording of your class. For more information on recording in zoom, check out our Recording in Zoom PDF, and how to Access your Recordings.

Screen Share

  • PC: Alt + S
  • Mac: Cmd + Ctrl + S

Note: There’s no Zoom shortcut for the iPad but you can share your screen by accessing the control center, holding down the record button (solid white circle inside another circle) and selecting Zoom from the options.

Raise/Lower Hand

  • PC: Alt + Y
  • Mac: Option + Y

A really great feature of Zoom, which makes it feel more like a real-world meeting, is the ability to raise a hand. This allows you to keep the group muted but still give participants the feeling that they can speak up and interject when they need to, perhaps with a question.

Other Shortcuts

For a full list of zoom shortcuts, go to Settings in the upper right hand corner of your main zoom screen. Then, on the left, click keyboard shortcuts, which will show a full list.