Welcome to iClicker for students! For an extensive tutorial on creating an account and utilizing the features iClicker has to offer our law students, please see the video below.

1. Create a student account.

In a browser, go to the iClicker website and choose “Sign In” from the top right corner and then “Student”

2. When prompted for an institution, type Law School: Pepperdine University. Ensure that you do not choose simply “Pepperdine University” as that is not the version used by Caruso School of Law.

3. Click “Next” to confirm. The prompt should indicate that you attend Law School: Pepperdine University.

4. Fill out your account information.

5. Choose a password that follows the guidelines– and don’t forget it!

6. Congrats! Your account has been created. Click sign in with the account information you have just created.

Download the iClicker Reef app from the app store to your mobile device.

7. Skip the remote registration.

8. Add a course by clicking the plus sign in the top right of your screen.

9. Under “Find your institution”, find Law School: Pepperdine University.

10. Find your course by typing in the course name. It will show up when you start typing. Then select it from the options listed.

11. Check to see the information is correct, then add the course.

12. Now, under course lists, your class should appear.

13. Note the major benefit of using iClicker: study tools. Once you enter a class, on the top toolbar region will be listed course history, statistics, and study tools to aid in tracking your progression!