David DickensMr. David Dickens is our Consulting Technologist and Systems Architect here at the Peperdine School of Law. His office is located in the Information Services “bullpen”, on the first floor of the library.

David is a dedicated Pepperdine lifer, and has been here longer than everyone short of the Assistant Dean within the IS department. He is the go-to guy for all of the technology running at the law school, and has performed the job duties of each of the other IS team members at one point during his tenure. David works closely with faculty and staff, and lends his expertise to our video conferencing systems and classroom pedagogy.

David is a social media enthusiast, and has an impressive stream of followers on Google+. He also is our resident chaplain and therapist. David is the one people turn to, for both technology and counsel.

David came to Pepperdine as a student, and began his career at Pepperdine early in his educational program. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Mediated Communication from Pepperdine University.

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