The Personal Cameraman

I attended the EduSoCal ’12 Conference yesterday at Loyola Maramount University, and had the opportunity to speak with the majority of vendors present. One in particular stood out to me: Swivl. Interestingly enough, a professor from Pepperdine School of Law had just emailed me the day prior indicating that this tool might be a possibility for low-cost lecture capture in the classroom. I was excited to meet the vendor and get a chance to experiment with the tool at the Conference. Essentially the Swivl is similar to a docking station, upon which you place your iPhone or iPod Touch (4th generation only) to capture video. The docking station follows your movement (video) and the remote captures your voice (audio).

How can faculty use the Swivl? It’s great for professors that want their lecture recorded but don’t want to stand in one place. They can easily walk about the classroom, and the Swivl will automatically follow and keep them in the center of the screen.  The tiny remote allows you to start and stop lecture capture at any minute and doubles as a wireless microphone.

How can students use the Swivl? If you have to record a presentation and would like to move around as you do so, this is the tool for you. It’s also easy to upload content to the Web or download to your personal computer for editing purposes.

For everyone else…this makes a great personal cameraman for all of your home videos and recording projects! View the video above to learn more.