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Google Reader Alternative: Netvibes


With the impending closure of Google Reader looming, many are scrambling to find a new place to store their RSS feeds. Though Feedly is keeping the Google Reader engine going, I am not personally a fan of image-heavy RSS feeds. I was looking for a simple text list of my feeds and rediscovered a site I left in favor of iGoogle several years back. iGoogle itself made it to the chopping block, though it has until November of this year before it shuts down. Netvibes, for the time being at least, does not appear to be going anywhere.

Netvibes is more than an RSS reader, so to use it as such I am intentionally limiting my experience. You can set up a number of feeds or widgets with pre-set content within your account. There are recommended widgets to use, or you can manually add an RSS feed. This is the feature I use the most. Taking the opportunity to manage my subscriptions, I picked out some of my favorite feeds from my Google Reader account, and manually added them to netvibes. I created the same categories in netvibes, and can select whichever tab of related content I want to view.

Dashboard View

Dashboard View

Though I am able to view all the feeds in a dashboard, or widget mode, I prefer the reader view. This gets me as close to the Google Reader experience as I have found so far. Items are sorted by date, and categorized by most recent items, and by increments of recent days.

Reader View

Reader View

At this point, it does not look like there are mobile apps on Android or iOS. The website works pretty well on my Android tablet, though I think I would hesitate to use it on my phone. An app would make netvibes a little easier to endorse as a definitive Reader alternative.

I’ll keep looking for alternative services, and share any I find useful. If you have any RSS readers you like to use, please let us know in the comments.

Google Reader Shutting Down

Google Reader

Google announced yesterday that it is retiring the Google Reader app on July 1st of this year.  To some, this may not seem like that big of deal, but to others, and from the sound of it there are many of us, this is a big issue.  Google Reader, simply put, is a cloud-based RSS reader.  It syncs across devices and platforms, and is available whenever and wherever you need it.  Though there are some alternative feed readers out there, many of them are powered by Google Reader and will subsequently be rendered obsolete.

I, for one, am among the masses looking for a new home for my RSS subscriptions. Google Reader is (or, I suppose I should say it was) my go-to app. I have an extension in Chrome, and it is readily accessible on all of my Android devices. It is my most frequently used app outside of Gmail, and stores information relevant to my school, work, and personal interests. Losing Google Reader will be noticeable, so a replacement must be found.

Currently, the best bet seems to be Feedly. Feedly is a cross-platform app, available on Chrome, iOS, and Android. With rumors of the end of Google Reader in mind, the developers began working on a way to keep it alive through a project called Normandy. By signing up for Feedly and connecting your Google Reader account, you will experience a “seamless” transition when Google pulls the plug on July 1st. Feedly provides more information on importing your account here.


Feedly was quite popular last night when the news about Google Reader picked up momentum, and they have already addressed the server load issues. There were a lot of popular social influencers articulating their dismay, so one can hope that Google will have a change of heart. In the event that they do not, it looks like we will need to find something to fill the void. Feedly appears to be among the better options, so it might be worth a look.

If you know of any other RSS readers we should check out, please let us know in the comments.