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AT&T Buzz


Don’t let the name fool you. This has nothing to do with Google Buzz. AT&T Interactive released a new service today on buzz.com. What is AT&T Buzz? It is like Yelp meets Google Places meets Yellowpages.com. Buzz is supposed to enable you to recommend places to your friends, and get recommendations in return.

The service is still in beta, but was just released to the public today. It is fairly easy to use. You can sign up for an account or log in through Facebook Connect with your Facebook credentials.

There are some mini-tutorials on the site to help you get started. Check out the image below to see some of these tutorial options.


If you use Yelp, this could be useful for you. The service lets you interact with your friends on Buzz.com or on Facebook. Comments on one site will appear on the other. I am not sure why they chose to go with the name Buzz, considering Google is already well-known for the name, but we’ll see if this helps or hurts them. We’ll be checking the service out further here at SOLIS, and will provide more information as it becomes available.

HootSuite and WordPress

Yesterday HootSuite and WordPress announced that you could use HootSuite to post to your WordPress hosted blog. Here’s a bit of the copy from the WordPress Announcement:

You can schedule and cross-post content to multiple WordPress.com blogs (posting to self-hosted WordPress blogs isn’t available yet). You can also set up a Home Feed for blogs you’re following, and reblog posts that you like. Check out the tutorial video HootSuite’s put together to see how easy it is to get going.

This adds to the impressive set of apps (mobile and PC based) that work well with this great blogging platform.

Obviously we like WordPress here at SOL-IS, we have a self-hosted implementation of their software running this blog. But any effort to tackle this digital jungle needs to have cross-service support. And for serious users maintaining an internet presence across Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and more, will eventually turn to an application like HootSuite.

It’s good to see them extend this support.

To see more on third party apps, see Jared’s recent post.

Facebook Privacy

Facebook has changed its privacy settings. If you haven’t already seen the popup window requesting that you update your settings, you will soon. It looks pretty straightforward, but you will notice that “Everyone” is the default setting in this new tool. Before accepting the default settings, it is important to think about the implications.

TechCrunch posts a concern for the motive behind the new privacy settings, and the implications. If you choose the default setting of “Everyone”, Facebook can claim that if sensitive data is leaked out, they aren’t liable since you chose the Everyone option. TechCrunch isn’t the only big name with concerns.

Mashable ran the policy by some privacy experts and came to similar conclusions. Users are being encouraged to share everything. This is not bad in and of itself, but it is likely to affect the majority of users who don’t pay attention to things like privacy.

Here in the SOLIS department we have been discussing Facebook’s evolving privacy issues. My colleague David Dickens noticed early on that things he was not sharing were showing up if his friends installed certain apps that mined for personal data. Even setting up privacy back when Facebook was strict about it didn’t keep his data private. For the most part we are fine with the privacy settings, since we know that anything put anywhere online isn’t completely safe. We expect a significant amount of our online dealings to be made public in one way or another. We want to encourage our readers, peers, and students to think about the same things.

You can read Facebook’s explanation of the privacy settings here.

The bottom line is not that the sky is falling and we are all doomed. This has been a good opportunity to rethink the kinds of material you post online, and the fact that if it is critically private data, maybe we should rethink posting it in the first place.

School of Law Facebook Page

The School of Law now has a Facebook fan page. It is gaining momentum and now has a vanity url. The link to email your friends is http://facebook.com/pepperdinelaw.

Some new features are going to be added soon, some of which will replace the current Weekly Dicta announcements. We will have featured content from the Deans’ Suite, Alumni, Financial Aid, and more. Keep checking back on the page to see what is going on at Pepperdine. Be sure to become a fan too.