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Final Exam Prep: ExamSoft

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First-time exam taker? Did you get a new computer since your last exam period? Have you recently upgraded your laptop operating system? Don’t forget to download ExamSoft to your computer for Final Exams!

ExamSoft Worldwide produces the Examplify examination software used by many law schools and state bar examiners. This software is a secure essay exam word processor. Pepperdine School of Law allows students to use this software to take their mid-term and final law exams. If you plan to use your laptop computer to take your exams, Examplify is required. The majority of students currently take all or some of their exams via this program.

Examplify can be downloaded from the Internet (http://www.examsoft.com/pepperdinelaw) and installed on your laptop computer. In order to use the ExamSoft Examplify program at Pepperdine University School of Law, you MUST agree to the terms of this ExamSoft Student Agreement.

For more information, check out Examsoft’s Exam Taker Guide for everything you need to know about using Examplify.

ExamSoft Releases periodic updates to Examplify that update to your computer automatically, overnight. These updates include general Performance Improvements and Software Bug Fixes. Most often, students do not notice the changes. For information on the current updates, you can visit the ExamSoft Support page regarding Releases.


Don’t Wait for Exam Day. Take a Mock Exam Today!

2014-12-04_1021We highly recommend taking a Mock Exam with SofTest to verify the software is working properly on your laptop. Although SofTest should run fine on any computer you have taken an exam with before, it is always wise to test the SofTest software once again prior to exam day. You don’t want to run into any issues during the exam that you could have discovered if you had only taken a mock exam. It only takes a few minutes and its well worth the time to double check your system before it’s too late.

So why wait? Test out your SofTest environment TODAY!

For directions on how to take a Mock Exam, please visit the below ExamSoft tutorials:

How to Download a Mock Exam

How to Take a Mock Exam

Upgrading SofTest for Finals

Where has the time gone? Final examinations are HERE!!! Make sure you have version 11 of SofTest installed on your computer. To verify you have the most recent version of SofTest installed on your computer, please visit the ExamSoft website.

I used SofTest for midterm examinations. Do I need to download a new version?

Possibly. If you completed midterm examinations using SofTest, your computer should be ready for final examinations. However, if you have recently upgraded your laptop’s operating system, then you should update to the latest version of SofTest before attempting to download your final exam. As always, you should try a Mock Exam in order to verify SofTest is working properly.

How do I update SofTest to the latest version?

Even though you may be on version 11, you will want to verify that you have the most recent update to version 11. To trigger the SofTest update, first open the application on your laptop. The instructions are slightly different for users on different operating systems.

  • For Windows OS users, press the CTRL button and the letters ‘A’ and ‘U’ simultaneously (CTRL+AU).
  • For Mac OSX users, once SofTest is open, press the Command key plus the letters ‘A’ and ‘U’ simultaneously (CMND+AU).

For more information on this, visit the Update SofTest page on the ExamSoft website.

I downloaded the new version of SofTest, but now my exam is missing?

If you downloaded your exam prior to completing the upgrade to SofTest version 11 you MUST Reverse Download the exam.  There are separate instructions for Windows users and Mac Users.

I used SofTest for examinations last semester. Do I need to download a new version?

Possibly. If you used SofTest last semester, you should already have version 11. For information on verifying which version you have, see above. However, you must re-register SofTest every academic year with Pepperdine and accept the annual user agreement.

If you need additional support please visit www.examsoft.com/support or call 866-429-8889.


SofTest Now Supports Mavericks

download (6)

Are you planning on using ExamSoft’s SofTest exam taking software for final exams this Fall 2014 term? Did you recently upgrade to Mac OS X 10.10, Yosemite? If you read our last post, you were hopefully waiting to install Yosemite until it is supported by ExamSoft. Remember, DO NOT download any new version of Mac OS until you have verified that it is supported by ExamSoft.

Good News, your wait is over! Yosemite is now supported by ExamSoft. You can upgrade to the newest Mac OS Yosemite starting and the new OS will be compatible with the latest version of SofTest.

Before attempting to take any exams, please verify that you have the latest SofTest version, and as always, work through a Mock Exam to ensure proper use of the software before your exams.

For more information, and to see what others are saying about this and other exciting ExamSoft announcements, please visit the ExamSoft Community.


Yosemite is Compatible with SofTest

ExamSoft has just announced that it will begin supporting the new Mac OS X.10 starting Monday, November 3rd, 2014. After 11.3. you may upgrade to the newest Mac OS X.10 Yosemite version, which will be compliant with the latest version of SofTest. As always, please confirm that you have the latest version of SofTest by visiting the ExamSoft website.

As always, stay tuned to lawtech.pepperdine.edu for more important updates regarding ExamSoft, or consult the ExamSoft website to ensure you stay current with all the latest news regarding your SofTest exam software.



Using ExamSoft on Your Laptop

Pepperdine School of Law uses ExamSoft SofTest to administer exams.  You may download the software directly from the ExamSoft website at www.examsoft.com/pepperdinelaw.

For more information on how to download and install SofTest on your computer, please visit the ExamSoft website linked below.

Mac Users: Download Instructions

Windows Users: Download Instructions

You might also find the ExamSoft FAQ page helpful.

View this short, 6 minute video on how to use SofTest for Mac:

View this short, 6 minute video on how to use SofTest for Windows:

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

For information on what you need to know to be prepared for your first exam with SofTest, checkout these exam taker Helpful Hints.


What are the minimum system requirements to run SofTest effectively?

According to ExamSoft:

SofTest can be used on virtually any modern computer (i.e. purchased within the last 3-4 years). Specific system requirements are noted below.

SofTest cannot be used on virtual operating systems such as Microsoft’s Virtual Machine, Parallels, VMware, VMware Fusion or any other virtual environments, unless approved by the institution.

PC Requirements:

For exam taking best practices (including disabling antivirus programs), click Here!

  • Operating System: English 32-bit Versions of Windows XP, 32-bit and 64-bit Versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Only genuine versions of Windows Operating Systems are supported.
  • ExamSoft does not support Tablet or Convertible devices other then Surface Pro 1, 2 & 3. See below for those Minimum System Requirements.
  • CPU Processor: 1.86Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo or greater
  • RAM: highest recommended for the operating system or 2GB
  • Hard Drive: highest recommended for the operating system or 1GB of available memory.
  • Internet connection for SofTest Download, Registration, Exam Download and Upload.
  • Screen Resolution must be 1024×768 or higher.
  • Adobe Reader (Version 9 or 11) is required for exams containing PDF attachments.
  • Administrator level account permissions (Instructions)
  • ExamSoft does not support Tablet-PC’s

Mac Requirements

For exam taking best practices (including disabling antivirus programs), click Here!

  • Operating System: OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), OS X 10.7 (Lion), OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), and 10.9 (Mavericks). Only genuine versions of Mac Operating Systems are supported.
  • We do not support OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) at this time. Look for an update on support for this OS X here in the future.
  • CPU: Intel processor
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Hard Drive: 1GB or higher available memory
  • Server version of Mac OS X is not supported
  • Internet connection for SofTest Download, Registration, Exam Download and Upload.
  • Administrator level account permissions (Instructions)

I used SofTest last semester. Do I need to download a new version?

The SofTest license expires on August 31st, and therefore must be renewed each academic year. To renew your license, download and register SofTest at the beginning of the school year. You may download and re-register by clicking Student Re-download if you have the Registration Password used when you originally registered. If not, begin the registration process from step one.

You can view information on the latest version and how to check if you have the most current software by viewing the information found here.

I have already downloaded SofTest onto a laptop, but have since purchased a new laptop computer.  Can I re-download?

If you have already downloaded ExamSoft exam software onto a laptop but now wish to download it onto your new laptop, you can do so under the Exam Takers section of the website.  Once there, select the “Exam Software Re-download” link.  You will be asked for your ExamSoft Student ID and Password, so be sure to have them available.  Follow the instructions to complete the download.

Does SofTest automatically save my answer data, or do I need to manually save my work throughout my exam?

SofTest will automatically save your exam data throughout your exam every sixty seconds.  You may notice that there is a manual save button in SofTest.  As SofTest automatically saves your data, it is not necessary to manually save.

I need to download an exam file again.  Is that possible?

Exam files can only be downloaded once, so only download to the laptop you intend to use on exam day. If you have further questions please contact the Faculty Support office at (310) 506-4676.

How do I contact ExamSoft if I need support?

ExamSoft/SofTest Technical Support:
(866) 429-8889 or (954) 429-8889

Hours of Operation:
8:30am – 5:30pm EST (5:30am – 2:30pm PST)

Customer Service and Technical Support: