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Organizational Apps

Spring Clean your Digital Persona!

Spring Cleaning get you pumped for organizing your life? Keep these applications in mind when organizing your digital life:

GoogleDriveGoogle Drive lets you store and access your files anywhere — on the web, on your hard drive, or on the go. Once you install Google Drive on your computer or mobile device your files go everywhere you do. Change a file on the web, on your computer, or on your mobile device and it updates on every device where you’ve installed Google Drive. This is also a good tool for collaboration with colleagues. Join the discussion on Google Drive at the Coffee Talk July 11 and 18.

AnyListAnyList  allows you to quickly create lists such as Grocery, Task, and To-Do lists. You can also share your list with family and friends. For those who get satisfaction from physically crossing an item off from their list, this application has a tap to cross off feature that strikes through items.


EvernoteEvernote is essentially a digital notebook. You can take notes, save webpages, and collaborate with others using this app. All of your Evernote notes and files sync over the Internet, meaning you can use this application on any of your devices and still have access to your latest work.


HootSuiteHootSuite Frustrated with the amount of Social Networks you have to maintain? HootSuite allows you to manage and update social networks in one dashboard. Users can also schedule messages and status updates within HootSuite and the application updates all of the social networks at once so you don’t have to.

New Note-Taking App: Google Keep

Google Keep banner

Google has launched a new product called Google Keep. At first glance it looks like Google is trying to take on Evernote directly, though the app falls short of Evernote’s offerings currently. Google has drawn a more direct connection to traditional sticky notepads, and when you look at the app that way, it makes sense. Though the app has limited features currently, there is a lot of potential for growth. For more information about Google Apps at Pepperdine, visit http://community.pepperdine.edu/it/tools/googleapps.htm

Google Keep phone screenshot

Google Keep is available as an app on both Android and Chrome, and the notes are stored in your Google Drive. Using the apps, you can display your notes in grid view to keep up the sticky note concept, or move things to a single column. You can change colors for variety, but the app is pretty basic. From Google Drive, the interface feels a lot like the old Google Notebook, which was discontinued and migrated into Google Drive a while back. It is nice to have that functionality back. Unlike Google Notebook and Evernote, notes are not categorized into folders or tags. You will need to use the search feature to find current or archived notes. You can use the grid or list views in Google Drive, though.

Google Keep tablet sreenshot single column

Google Keep for Android Tablet – Single Column View

You can input notes through typing manually, dictaction, or through your camera. At this point it does not look like you can bookmark a website or store snippets like you can in Evernote. To use the Android app, you need to be on Ice Cream Sandwich or above, which is less of an issue these days. Jelly Bean users get an extra bonus that allows them to initiate Keep notes from the lock screen.

Google Keep Input Options

In brief testing, the dication service is pretty accurate. I didn’t have to retype any errors in the transcription. Fellow Law Tech columnist David Dickens also reported satisfaction with the voice feature. We’ll continue to test the app and report any additional findings.

You can use Google Keep for keeping track of your daily tasks, jotting down a phone number, or pretty much anything you would want to store on a sticky note. Since the notes are stored in Google Drive, you can go back and make edits, convert to pdf, or otherwise re-purpose your content as you choose. Evernote has a similar functionality, though Google provides a lot more free data, and if you need to purchase additional storage space, is very reasonably priced.

Though it is still in its very early stages, Google Keep is worth a look. To find Google Keep on Google Drive, go to drive.google.com/keep. You can find it in the Google Play Store here.

Encrypting Evernote Notes


If you are an Evernote user, you are likely aware that there was a security breech last week. As a result, users were required to reset their passwords to ensure their accounts were not compromised. While the passwords that were obtained were encrypted, the fact that the data within Evernote accounts is not encrypted has come to light. While you are not able to encrypt everything in Evernote, there is a method to encrypt text notes.

Evernote Encryption Dialogue

The following method should work on your Mac or PC. Within the program, you can highlight the portion of text you would like to encrypt. Mac users would command click and PC users can right click to bring up a menu.  Selecting the menu brings up a new window where you will select your password.  You will be prompted to enter the password twice, and will be  informed that Evernote does not store this password.  You may provide a password hint in case you forget the password, but you will not be able to retrieve the password once it is set.  As with all your passwords, be sure that you do not write it down in an easily-accessible location, if you indeed must write it down.

Evernote Encryption Password

Once you have set the password, you should see an indication that the text has been encrypted. You will be unable to read your text until you decrypt it, whether for a single instance or for the duration the app is open. Provided you remember your password, you may also permanently decrypt your note.

Evernote Encrypted Text

Evernote Decrypt dialogue

It is important to note that you will have to go through this process for each note you wish to encrypt. There is currently not an option for encrypting a folder. It is also interesting to note that when using the web-based version of Evernote, the password is not transmitted to the server. This is designed to further secure your encrypted file.

Evernote Web Password Dialog

When transmitting any information to the web, it is always good to be careful. Check for https connections with sensitive data, and be sure you trust the network you are on before submitting personal information. Public Wi-Fi access is not secure, so please exercise caution at your local coffee place if you are browsing the internet or using web-based apps. If you have any questions about Evernote, or about being safe on the web, be sure to ask one of us on the IS team. We’d be happy to provide additional information. You may also view some helpful tips from the Information Security folks here.