As midterm season approaches, Information Services is here to give you some tips on how to survive your midterm exams!

Commit your Student Exam ID Number to Memory
Please make sure you enter the correct Exam ID number on your Scantron forms and Exam envelopes.  It is the only way for us to maintain grading anonymity.

Accept Examplify User Agreement for the Current Academic Year
Before taking exams, you must re-register your Examplify software for the current academic year by accepting the User Agreement. You will not be able to download exams until you accept the new user agreement.  Please visit the following website for directions to re-register:

Download your Midterm Exams BEFORE the day of your exams
Please download ALL of your exams as they become available.  An e-mail will notify you as exams become available for download.  Please do NOT wait until the last minute to do this in the exam room, as it may not download in the exam room.

Before taking exams, close ALL programs and disable your anti-virus
Please close all programs regularly in use; particularly Spotify, and be sure that your anti-virus is disabled to ensure a smooth test-taking experience with ExamSoft.

If you are using a Mac Computer, DO NOT update the latest OS version
Examplify will NOT work with the latest Mac OS version.  Do NOT update until after 12/21/19.

Take a “Mock Exam” in Examplify before taking your first midterm exam
Please make sure Examplify is working within your computing environment so that you can be confident that it will perform when you want it to during final exams.

Please UPLOAD your exams to ExamSoft when time is called
Please wait until you see the green screen that indicates your “Exam was Uploaded Successfully”.

REMINDER: If Examplify “freezes” during an exam, please try powering your computer off, then on again.  ExamSoft should reboot and ask if you want to “return to exam software”.  If not, please pick up a Blue Book from the Proctor.  Be assured that your work is saved often, so you can pick-up typing/writing where you left off.

If you need any technology assistance, please feel free to reach out to Information Services at (310) 506-7425 or luck!