SkyDrive Adds a Local Client (Win/Mac)

Everyone needs two things for their most important documents. First, all important data needs to be backed up. Second, if possible, those files need to be accessible anywhere, anytime.

There are a host of products out there that achieve one or both of these ends: Mozy, Dropbox, SugarSync and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. Each of these options has its target market and an enthusiastic user base. Dropbox has been my preferred backup-and-availability client for some time, but Microsoft’s recent upgrade has me considering a switch.

SkyDrive has been, up to this point, primarily a cloud service for Microsoft’s Live suite of Office applications. These light versions of desktop Office software have been a solid contender with Google Apps and Zoho, particularly for enterprise users.

But now Microsoft has introduced a local client for SkyDrive with an offering of 7GB of space for new users. This is a phenomenal offer. For most users, this represents a free way to store all their data securely with almost no administration and get access to it from any computer with a web browser or any mobile device. For those who are used to working with Microsoft Office products, the light versions provided in live are a great productivity and connectivity solution.

I recommend taking a fresh look. Feel free to talk with Information Services  staff members (x7425) if you’d like assistance with any of these services.