Save Your Smartphone’s Battery

cell phone dead batteryToday’s cell phones are not just telephones, they’re handheld computers. And the more they do, the more the battery power is drained. No matter what kind of smartphone you have, the below tips will help you preserve your battery.

Keep Your Software Current– Smartphone engineers are constantly working out ways to improve power, take advantage of their genius by updating your phone regularly. Update your software by connecting your phone to a computer or over a Wi-Fi and look for update notifications in Settings.

Dim the Screen-Turn down the brightness of the screen via the Options or Setting Menu. Also set your screen to turn off after a minute of inactivity.

Turn Off Push Notifications– Turn off or reduce the frequency in which you ask you smartphone to receive new information, such as email messages.

Use Wi-Fi over Cellular– Wi-Fi has been proven to be less consuming of battery power compared to 3G/4G service. Join your home and office wireless networks.

Choose Your Tasks Wisely– The battery will drain faster is you’re using more demanding tasks such as playing games or watching videos. Typing notes or reading an eBook will be better tasks to preserve your battery. Also reduce multitasking such as listening to music while surfing the Web.

Close the Application– Like computers, applications don’t always close properly when you move from one task to another, so an application you thought you exited could still be running in the background and draining your power.

Lock It– Don’t forget to lock your phone so that you don’t accidentally turn it on in your pocket or bag. Don’t worry, you’ll still receive phone calls.

Avoid Severe Temperatures– Don’t leave your smartphone in your car during hot summer days and cold winter nights. Room temperature is best for your phone.

Airplane Mode– On your last legs of battery life, but want to make sure you have battery power left in case of an emergency? Put the phone on “Airplane Mode” to turn off all radio frequencies.

Original post by Marc Saltzman | Digital Crave – March 13, 2013. “10 ways to extend your smartphone’s battery.”