Thankfully, we have a very good system in Examplify. This software is very stable and reliable. However note that in life, there are myriad variables that we all must navigate on a daily basis, and I’m not even talking about traffic.

Keeping the fact that life is full of variables and unexpected (unexplained?) challenges, one should seek to mitigate risk as much as is practical. Particularly when it comes to law school exams.

So, a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Restart your computer before finals… just please trust me on this.
  2. Close down all extraneous programs like Word, Chrome, Spotify (especially Spotify) before opening Examplify.
  3. Once you download Examplify, take a mock exam to test everything out.
  4. PC USERS: Please don’t forget to disable your Antivirus before launching an exam. You can re-enable it again afterwards, but it must be turned off before you launch Examplify. For directions on how to disable antivirus, please visit ExamSoft’s website:

  Download NOW avoid surprises.


Ok, so it’s not a terrible disaster if you have to hand write but it may be a bit disappointing to say the least. We’d love to help you avoid that disappointment if we can.

It’s also good to think about your computer as a test taking device as you approach finals (and the Bar Exam for you third years).

You don’t want to load up all kinds of free software, do scary web-browsing, and other activities that can add new variables to your computing life.

If there is any way you can do your gaming and scary web-browsing on another machine, you should do that. Keep your exam computer sacrosanct, holy and righteous, if only for the exam season.