Junk Email Filtering via Microsoft Outlook

At the request of Carlton Oliver, I whipped up a video on Junk Email filtering for faculty and staff concerned with the rising tide of Junk Email.

Before you view the video I’d like you to consider a couple of things about email filtering:

  1. Unless you turn off Junk Email it is very likely that an occasional important email will end up there. No filter is smart enough to prevent it. Check the folder from time to time.
  2. No matter now high you turn up the filter, some spam will get through. Even if you chose to only accept email from people in your contact list, someone could fake a friend’s email address and slip by.

Junk email is, like ordinary junk mail a part of the cost of doing business. Please enjoy the following 4 minute video demonstrating the feature.

If you’d like the University’s comprehensive notes about spam filtering here at Pepperdine visit their site at Information Technology: Spam Filter Information. Of course, all of us at Information Services are glad to assist you with any part of the process.