HootSuite and WordPress

Yesterday HootSuite and WordPress announced that you could use HootSuite to post to your WordPress hosted blog. Here’s a bit of the copy from the WordPress Announcement:

You can schedule and cross-post content to multiple WordPress.com blogs (posting to self-hosted WordPress blogs isn’t available yet). You can also set up a Home Feed for blogs you’re following, and reblog posts that you like. Check out the tutorial video HootSuite’s put together to see how easy it is to get going.

This adds to the impressive set of apps (mobile and PC based) that work well with this great blogging platform.

Obviously we like WordPress here at SOL-IS, we have a self-hosted implementation of their software running this blog. But any effort to tackle this digital jungle needs to have cross-service support. And for serious users maintaining an internet presence across Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and more, will eventually turn to an application like HootSuite.

It’s good to see them extend this support.

To see more on third party apps, see Jared’s recent post.