Fall 2013 Update from Technology And Learning

Our friends in the Technology and Learning Group provided us with some updates for the Fall 2013 term:

Checklist for Success!
 Check List  

We’ve compiled our Checklist for a New Semester. It contains the Top 10 faculty tutorials for Courses (powered by Sakai).

And remember, “Publish or Perish!”  Please publish your class sites on Courses/Sakai, otherwise your students won’t see your great content.

Firefox Ate My Video! (The “Mixed Content” Blues with IE & Firefox)

moz pic


Have some of your embedded videos or web content pages “disappeared”? In early August, Firefox released an update. In this update, they added a new security feature. A side-effect is that some professors are reporting that their embedded videos, images, or web pages are not displaying. (And Internet Explorer blocks content, too.)


Want to learn how to address these issues? For embedded video content, please read our recent blog post.  For Web Content links in your class site’s left menu, watch our video on how to edit the link to open in a new window.

Sign up for a Technology Consultation



Would you like to learn more about the above items, find out what’s new in our recent Sakai 2.9 upgrade, or get training on other teaching technologies like Bb Collaborate or Turnitin? Please request a technology consultation.


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We wish you a great start to fall 2013!

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