Excel Header Row

If using Excel to maintain large amounts of data, it is recommended that you use a Header Row to label each column of data. You can then freeze the pane to keep this Header visible no matter how much scrolling you do in the Excel Worksheet.

  1. Create a new Row with your heading information. Or identify the portion of the spreadsheet that will be used as a head row.
  2. Select the cells that make up your header row by clicking on the Row Number. It will highlight blue.
  3. excel1Optional- Create a visual contrast for this row by formatting the font in the Home Tab.
  4. Click the Row Number for the next row AFTER your Header Row. It will highlight blue.
  5. Click tab View, in Window, click Freeze Panes. Select Freeze Panes.excel2 View information on how to create Shade Every Other Row in Excel or Filter, Sort, and Remove Duplicate Data.