Excel Cheats: Part Five

As part of our series, Excel Cheats: What You Didn’t Know!, I will now proceed to share a few more tips and tricks about Excel 2010. Specifically, how to display formulas instead of results in your worksheet and how to instantly add the SUM function.

Display Formulas Instead of Results
Have you ever wanted to see what formulas you have used/created in your worksheet but didn’t want to click on each individual cell to view? Now there is a way to instantly view all formulas on your worksheet. Simply hit CTRL then ~ (this tilde symbol should be located in the top-left corner of your keyboard). This will display all formulas. If you want to go back to your results, simply hit CTRL ~ again. See the differences below. Note: Since some cells did not have formulas, but dates and times, those values were converted as well. You can ignore those columns. In the second image below you can see the Total column displays all formulas.

Image of Excel Worksheet with NumbersExcel 2010 Formulas Displayed

You can also accomplish this same task of alternating between results and formulas by going to the Formula tab, and selecting Show Formulas.See below.

How to Show Formulas in Excel 2010

SUM Formula Shortcut
This last trick will show you how to add the SUM formula quickly and easily without having to type in the SUM function in the cell or formula bar. Simply bring your cursor to the cell in which you want to add the SUM function. Then hit ALT +

The SUM function is now added to that cell and you can select the appropriate cells to sum.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you have learned a thing or two after reading through Part One-Part Five of the Excel Cheats: What You Didn’t Know! Good Luck with Excel!