In Examplify, there may be a “Mock Final Exam–Open Notes” available for all students to try. This allows students to practice taking an exam with open notes and internet access.

It is recommended that students take a mock exam before the first real exam to make sure software is working correctly, and to become familiar with the interface and features of the Examplify software. Here is a guide for taking the mock exam:

Download the Mock Exam

  • Under My Exams on the left-hand menu of Examplify, select “Mock Final Exam– Open Notes”, and download the exam

Log In and Start Exam

4-digit exam ID number: This ID is unique to you, and can be found in WaveNet

Exam password: Emailed to you by

For the real exam, the exam number will be found in your WaveNet account, and the password will be given by the proctor on the day of the exam.

  • Under Exam Details and Exam Settings, you will be able to see the default settings for the mock exam. Since it is open notes, the exam should be Non-Secure, Wifi On, and you should be able to Navigate between questions.
  • You will be directed to a start-up box. Click the agreement and the green Start button to begin.

At any time in the Exam, you are also free to navigate into a browser to check an answer, into notes from class, or consult any other resources on or off your computer that would be helpful!

Essay Question

  • For an essay question, type the response in the given answer section. Note the essay control options at the top of the exam, allowing adjustments of font size, style, page alignment, and more.
  • Within the text box, you may separate your answers by labeling each answer within the essay section, e.g. Question 2, Part A. Examplify automatically saves and backs up your responses every 30 seconds.
  • Also, note the icon that allows you to check character and word count.
  • Since navigation is open, at any point you may go back to a previous question or forward to the next, by either clicking on the question number bubbles on the left of the page, or by clicking on the previous/next tabs at the bottom right of the page.
  • Note also the Exam Controls at the top right of the page which allow you to hide exam from view, suspend exam to be completed later, and submit.
  • In the tool bar, you are able to adjust text size and set an alarm.

Submit Exam

  • Once you have reached the end of the exam and are happy with your responses, click Submit from the Exam control menu or after clicking Next from the last question.
  • Both options will lead you to the preliminary submit page. Click the box to signify you are done and press submit.
  • You will be led to the green Congratulations page, and then back to the Examplify dashboard, where your mock open exam will be listed under Completed.

For a step-by-step tutorial, please see the video below:

For Student Test Takers Tech Support and Help, please contact the ExamSoft Test Takers Support line at 866.429.8889.