5 Oct 2021: ExamSoft announces that Examplify version 2.8 is now available and supports the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple OS.

15 Sept 2021: Microsoft and Apple have each announced the release of new operating systems, which will be available in the near future; the timing of each is listed below.

ExamSoft has NOW certified compatibility with these new operating systems with the release of Examplify 2.8

ExamSoft’s release of Examplify 2.8 for both Windows and Mac enables support for the latest operating system updates from Microsoft and Apple.

Windows Operating Systems 

  • WIndows 10 21h2 (September 23, 2021 – to insiders only)
  • Windows 11 (October 5, 2021)

Apple Operating Systems

  • Apple has not yet announced a release date for macOS 12 Monterey, however, it is expected to be available sometime this Fall.

Please watch this page for updates!

NOTE: ExamSoft pushes updates to your computer. You cannot initiate an update to your installation. However, you may need to reboot or restart your computer to apply an update once it has been pushed to you computer. Please see ExamSoft with questions.