Collaborating with Word

Collaborating Using Word

If you’ve ever authored a Word Document with other colleagues, you may have found it difficult to keep track of the current versions or edits without numerous copies of the same document.

Word 2010’s Review menu offers several features to help with collaboration. In addition, the features described can be useful in grading student work and providing in-text feedback electronically.

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Track Changes       

To turn on change tracking

    1. Click the Review tab
    2.  In the Tracking group, click Track Changes

Word Review-Tracking

Once Track Changes is enabled, as you make changes to your document, Word marks the text in colored font with specific formatting:

  • Added Text is underlined
  • Deleted Text is formatted with Strikethrough
  • Format changes are noted in Balloons to the Right
  • With more than one Reviewer, each person’s changes will appear in different color (red, blue, etc.)

2 Track Changes DemoDisplay for Review

If you would like to see how the document will look in its Final stage:

  1. Click the black drop down arrow next to Final: Show Markup
  2. Select Final

But don’t forget, this feature makes the changes invisible; it does not remove the Markup from the document (See Accept or Decline Changes).

3 View Final Original

Accept and Reject Changes

If you and your colleagues are done editing, you can Accept or Reject each change:

  1. Place your cursor in the change or highlight the change
  2. Click the Accept or Reject button. The markup will be removed.
  3. You can click Previous or Next and Word will automatically highlight the next change in the document for you to Accept or Reject

4 Accept Changes

If you like all of the changes, click the black drop down arrow under Accept and select Accept All Changes in Document

4 Accept Changes

Likewise, if you do not like any of the changes, click the black drop down arrow under Reject and select Reject All Changes in Document5Reject

Insert Comments

Comments are useful when you would like to make a note within the document but do not want that note to be a part of your final document (IE “Add Citation Here” or “Check Source”).

To add a New Comment

  1. Highlight the text you wish to annotate
  2. Click the Review tab
  3. In the Comments group, click New Comment
  4. Word Review-CommentsThe cursor will be added to a Balloon in the Right column, type your note.

The text will be highlighted, indicating a comment was insertedComment

To Delete a Comment

Once you no longer need a comment in your document, you can Delete a Comment:

  1. Place your cursor in the highlighted text or in click the Balloon on the right.
  2. Click the Delete button. The comment and highlight will be removed.comments Delete all
  3. You can click Previous or Next and Word will automatically highlight the next comment in the document for you delete.
  4. You can delete all comments at one time by clicking the black drop down arrow to the right of Delete and select Delete all Comments in Document

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