Change Paste Options in Word

How many hours have been wasted attempting to manage the conflicts between the styles across many programs, including the web, when trying to compose a Microsoft Word document?

Most students, staff and faculty that work with Microsoft Word every day must have consumed even more than I have lost. Think of our collective wasted hours!

Here’s how to fix the default (read: broken) behavior in Microsoft Word for cutting and pasting: Click on the File tab, chose Options from the menu and then in the dialog box chose Advanced Options. Scroll down to the Cut, copy, and paste┬ásection and set the choices like this screenshot, then click OK.

Word Screen Shot


These changes will tell Microsoft Word to discard all the formatting from whatever source document and use the formatting of your existing document you are pasting into. An end to the conflicts, fighting the interacting styles, and frustration! Yes, on occasion you’ll have to put a bit of bold back in here or there, but that’s just a CTRL+B away and you’ll know that when you click it half the document won’t turn bold because of some strange formatting quirk.

Save time. Save the headache. Change your defaults.