(COVID 19 Access notes: The Law Library is accessible to students ONLY through the main building entrance and then the main Law Library entrance. No other doors are enabled for your access.)

You may have noticed that the Caruso School of Law facility has an electronic access control system. This system works on a two factor authentication system.

  1. Have something (your Pepperdine ID card)
  2. Know something (your Pepperdine PIN code)

In order to unlock a door you need three things: the two things mentioned above AND permission to access that area.

To unlock a door note that you will see a keypad/card reader on primary and secondary entrances to larger areas such as the main entrance to the Caruso Law facility and the main entrance to the Harnish Law Library.

Image of a Keypad-Card Reader

Using your Pepperdine ID card, you hold it over the keypad for 1-2 seconds.

Image illustrating how to hold your ID card flat in parallel with the  keypad like you are trying to cover the keypad

If you have permission in the system to open the door managed by this access control device, a small green light will appear when you hold your card close to the keypad. You may then move the card out of the way and enter your FOUR digit PIN code.

After that code is entered, the door will unlock.

DO NOT allow others to enter behind you when you unlock the door with your PIN code. They need to unlock with their own cards.

DO NOT share your Pepperdine ID card or your PIN code with others.