Adding Video to PowerPoint, Part 2

This post is a continuation of Adding a Video to PowerPoint: Part One. Here, I will explain how to download a YouTube video and embed it into your presentation.

There may be times when you do not have an Internet connection and/or would like to include a video without having to access the Internet. In those instances, the best option is to download the video to your local computer and embed that video in your PowerPoint.  NOTE: If you save your PowerPoint on a USB drive and take that to class, you will ALSO need to save all downloaded video files as well on the USB. If you do not do this, the files will not play in your PowerPoint presentation.

First, go the video.Then, in the address bar replace the domain name ( with ( For example, if your video’s URL is: 

Go into the address bar and take out the and replace with:

Bring your cursor to the end of the URL and hit ENTER/RETURN. You will be taken to the web site and a window will pop up – select RUN (see below).

Running SaveMedia ProgramNow on the web site, you will have the option to either download video (in a variety of formats) or download just the audio.  Select the format that works best for you. I would recommend using at least Medium Quality video and saving as an MP4 file. Selecting Video File OptionOnce you select the format, a window may pop up asking if you want to save to your computer. Choose SAVE FILE then click OK. Depending on the type of computer you are using, this should save the file to your Downloads folder.  I would strongly recommend moving this file to the same folder where your PowerPoint is located BEFORE you add to your PowerPoint presentation. Saving Video File to Local ComputerIn your PowerPoint presentation if you are creating a slide just for the video you can choose the Title and Content slide.  In the content area there is an icon that looks like movie film. Click on that to insert the video. If you bring your mouse over to that icon, it should say Insert Media Clip. See below. Inserting Video into PresentationWhen you click on that, a window will pop up showing you your computer files. Go to the folder where the video file is located and select the video file. Click Insert. Saving File in Local Computer DirectoryIt may take a few minutes to load. Once it loads, you will see the video on your presentation. It should look like a black square with a play button and other buttons at the bottom.  You can resize the video as necessary to fit in your slide. Note that making it larger may cause the picture quality decrease. I would also recommend only resizing the video from the corners (as this will prevent you from distorting the video).

Video Displayed in PresentationDO: In addition to inserting the video to your PowerPoint, it may also be a good idea to include a hyperlink to the video on that slide as well. This way, if you share your presentation with others, they will still be able to access the video.

NOTE: If you share your Presentation file with another person, they will need both the PPT file and the video file in order to play the video correctly on the PowerPoint.

If you want to add a video and you have a blank slide, simply select the Insert tab, and then select Video from the Media section.

Inserting Video using ToolbarThen follow the steps as outlined above when selecting the file from your local computer.