Adding Video to PowerPoint, Part 1

In the next two posts I will explain how to add a video to your PowerPoint presentation. In this post (Part 1) I will describe how to add the video via a hyperlink. This is often the best option when you have a good Internet connection. In Part 2, I will explain how to download a YouTube video and add that to your presentation. That option is ideal when you know you will not have an optimal Internet connection during the presentation.

One of the best options for adding a video to your PowerPoint presentation is simply to include a hyperlink to the video. When you are presenting, you will click on that hyperlink and it will take you directly to the web site. To add a hyperlink, first, highlight the text that you would like to turn into a link.Click on the Insert tab and then select Hyperlink.

Insert Hyperlink in PowerPointA window will pop up (see below). Make sure on the left-hand side that Link to: Existing File or Web Page is selected. Next, enter in the URL in the space to the right of Address: (see below).  Click OK.

Add URL to PowerPointNow your text is hyperlinked. Depending on the type of design/theme you have selected for your PowerPoint presentation, it is likely that the text will now be underlined, indicating a hyperlink.

DON’T: Don’t underline other text (non-hyperlinked text) in your PowerPoint presentation if you are going to use hyperlinks.  This will confuse you and/or the student as to which text is in fact a hyperlink. Instead of underlining non-hyperlinked text, consider using bold, italics, or another color to emphasize the text.  Hyperlinks should be the only underlined text in your presentation.

DO: Type a meaningful title of what that URL will link to instead of the URL. Then follow the steps on the previous page to hyperlink that text. The end result will be a much neater presentation of content and no lengthy URLs will be displayed on the screen.

There may be times when you do not have an Internet connection and/or would like to include a video without having to access the Internet. In those instances, the best option is to download the video to your local computer and embed that video in your PowerPoint. Next week I will tell you how to download a YouTube video and post on your PowerPoint presentation.

NOTE: If you save your PowerPoint on a USB drive and take that to class, you will ALSO need to save all downloaded video files as well on the USB. If you do not do this, the files will not play in your PowerPoint presentation.

Pictured above is text that is hyperlinked to a YouTube video.

Pictured above, the URL is displayed rather than text describing what the link is. The slide on the left is neater and takes up less space than a lengthy URL.