If you have not used your Exampify software since last year, you will need to re-register your user agreement.

Before you can download your final exams, you will need to log into http://examsoft.com/pepperdinelaw with the Examsoft final exam username and password that was emailed you to by Hong Kha.

Once you have logged in, simply click on the Download button on the left-side menu, this will prompt a pop-up window with the new annual user agreement. Please scroll to the bottom of this window (while reading very carefully, of course) and then click Accept to agree to the user agreement.
Once you have accepted the user agreement, you can then log into Examplify and download your final exams.  At the top of the Examplify window, you will see your new registration expiration date for the following year.
If you need further help, please email support@law.pepperdine.edu.