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Westlaw Registration Tutorial

  • Use your Pepperdine credentials to log into WaveNet.
  • Once in, click on the Westlaw Link.

  • You will be redirected to the Westlaw OnePass Sign-In page.
  • Click the Create a new OnePass profile link.

  • Enter any email address you would like. Click the Continue button.

  • Fill out the form in order to register a new OnePass profile.
  • Click the Create Profile button.

  • After completing the form, click Return to Link Credentials
    on the left side of the page.

  • Enter your username and password, then click the Sign In button.

  • You should automatically be logged in. Otherwise, if you have not completed registration, an error will appear. Click the blue link to register your
    password code that you were given.

  • You will be redirected to the following page.
  • Follow the Click here link for “Registering for the First Time?

  • Enter the email address you previously used to register.

  • Now enter your username and password.
  • Click the go button.

  • Enter in your Westlaw password code.
  • Click the go button.

  • Fill out the OnePass registration form with your information.
  • Then click the I Agree button at the bottom.”

  • Enter your username and password to sign into
    the Westlaw website.”

  • You are all set! Moving forward, you will not need to enter in
    your OnePass username & password when you log into WaveNet.
  • You will automatically be signed in.

  • If you have any questions contact Law Computing Support at x7425.

Westlaw Printing Services are Discontinued

Please note, Westlaw no longer provides dedicated printers.  This means that when you are signed into Westlaw, you will no longer see the option to print from a Westlaw printer as in the example below:

There are several alternatives to printing that are available to law students using WestlawNext or Westlaw Classic. These include:

  • Emailing or downloading search results in PDF or Word format.

In Westlaw Classic, these options are available by opening a document and clicking on the relevant icons:

In WestlawNext, open a document and click on the Select a Delivery Method icon, then choose the email or print option:

  • Delivering results to your Kindle (WestlawNext only). To use this feature, access the text of a search result and click on the Select a Delivery Method icon. After clicking on the Kindle option, you’ll be prompted to enter your Kindle email address.

  • Saving results to research folders (WestlawNext only). To use this feature, select the Save to Folder icon:

You can then save to a pre-existing folder or create a new folder. Note that WestlawNext also enables you to highlight and add notes to your saved search results.

  • Routing results to the law library printers (or another attached printer). As always, the Pepperdine School of Law will continue to provide 500 pages of no additional cost printing to students per semester. The newest instructions to install these printers to your computer can be found here. www.tinyurl.com/PSOLPrint. Instructions on how send documents via your mobile device to the SOL printers can be found here www.tinyurl.com/PSOLMobile

  • Using the Lexis printers, which will continue to be available for free to students using Lexis Advance.

If you have questions about the document delivery, saving, or organizing features in either Westlaw Classic or WestlawNext, please contact a reference librarian.


Westlaw (https://lawschool.westlaw.com): Similar to Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw is one of the leading Internet-based legal research providers.  Westlaw has two versions including their basic Westlaw version and a new, advanced Westlaw Next interface.

To use Westlaw using your Pepperdine log-in information, see the Westlaw Registration Tutorial

Additional Westlaw Resources:

**Please note: You will learn more about Westlaw in your Legal Research & Writing course**


If you didn’t receive a Westlaw Registration Code, please email Gilbert Marquez with your Pepperdine Email at gmarquez@pepperdine.edu