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Printing Services — Changing May 19, 2017

Printing Services in Law Library

Please note: As of May 19, 2017, the School of Law will be adopting the university-wide copier/print system for students.  All student printing will go through the Sharp copier/printer units.

The Sharp copier/printing system is accessible to all students at Pepperdine University and at all Pepperdine University campuses in Southern California (this includes the Calabasas location which may be a terrific place to study for the Bar Exam!).


The following Text will be changed on May 19, 2017 (after 2017 Spring final exams)

Pepperdine University Law Students are granted 500 pages (no additional cost) for black and white printing at the beginning of each semester.

If you are interested in printing in color, please see THIS PAGE.  The color printing is $0.35 per side of a page and is through the Law Library Sharp Multi-Function Device (fancy copier) and uses a completely different system where the charges go to your Pepperdine ID card.

Black and White Printing is $0.06 per page and is charged to a Law School specific printing account that is NOT tied to your ID card. To add print credit to your account CLICK HERE   (Note that once you add credit, the amount is non-refundable but it does carry over between terms.)

Mac Users, CLICK HERE for the Black and White printer. For color see THIS PAGE.

Please note that the Macintosh installer only works for Macintosh 10.7 and higher. If you have an operating older than 10.6, you will have to either upgrade your system or use our Mobile Print Service FOUND HERE

Microsoft Windows 64-bit Users, CLICK HERE for the Black and White printer
Microsoft Windows 32-bit Users, CLICK HERE for the Black and White printer

If you’re a Windows PC user and unsure which installer to use the following directions.

  1. Click on the Start button and then Control Panel.
  2. Click on the System and Security link.Note: If you’re viewing either the Large icons or Small icons view of Control Panel, you won’t see this link. Just click on the System icon and then proceed to Step 4.
  3. In the System and Security window, click on the System link.
  4. When the System window opens, titled as View basic information about your computer, locate the System area below the oversized Windows logo.
  5. In the System area, look for System type among the other statistics about your computer.The System type will report either a 32-bit Operating System or a 64-bit Operating System.

Print Credit with Credit Card — System to be Replaced 5/19/2017

Please note: As of May 19, 2017, the School of Law will be adopting the university-wide copier/print system for students. All student printing will go through the Sharp copier/printing system.

The Sharp copier/printing system is currently accessible to all students at Pepperdine University and at all Pepperdine University campuses in Southern California (this includes the Calabasas location which may be a terrific place to study for the Bar Exam!).

See this page for more information on the new system — now in full operation at the Law Library and university-wide.

Add money to your Pepperdine ID Card … necessary to print to the new system.

Watch a short video on how to print on the new system (less than a minute long).

Note that the law library copier has been omitted from University IT’s published list of copiers available.  But it IS available!!!


Law Students Only (JD, LLM, MDR)

(NOTE: The following information relates to the Pharos Uniprint system with release station and three HP LaserJet printers located in the main floor of the Pepperdine Law Library.  This system will be removed 5/19/2017 — PLEASE DO NOT ADD FUNDS UNLESS YOU PLAN TO USE THEM ALL BY 5/19/2017)

Using a credit card, Pepperdine law students can purchase additional print credit (for use only at the School of Law) online.

download (1) images

Simply follow the link provided to CASHnet, enter your information (including CWID) and you’ll be able to purchase print credit. Allowable non-refundable amounts range from $10 to $40. And this only applies to BLACK and WHITE printing.  For color printing refer to this page.

Once your transaction is complete, show your receipt to the Information Services staff member on duty at the Law Library Public Services Desk to receive credit (you don’t have to print it, merely show the screen of your phone, laptop or device). There are no paper forms to complete.

NO REFUNDS.  However, note that the amount you pay for will remain in your account indefinitely (even after graduation).  Each term, funds are granted to your printing account (including summer term if you are enrolled for summer classes) equal to $35.00 in print value.  Once the $35 grant is exhausted, the system will switch over to your paid-in credit.

Please note: Do not attempt to add credit after hours, or when you are not able to show your receipt to the Information Services staff. If you cannot show your receipt, your account cannot be credited. 

Setting Up WiFi and Printing

ios7Did you get a new electronic device or computer recently?

Don’t forget to setup your Wireless Network Access and your Printing Services.

Internet: Wireless Network Access-

  1. Open a web browser on your device (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and visit any web page. You will be redirected to the WavesConnect website for your location.
  2. Read and agree to the Computer and Network Responsible Use Policy.
  3. Click “Start” next to the heading of “Current Students, Faculty and Staff.”
  4. Enter your NetworkID and password. That’s your short username, typically, first initial and last name ie John Doe = jdoe
  5. Select “Student” or “Faculty/Staff” from the drop down menu.
  6. Click “Register.”
  7. Wait for the progress bar to complete or reboot your computer.
  8. Registration is now complete. You must register your computer or device annually.


Information on Printing via your Computer can be found at this link.

Printing via your Computer

Westlaw Printing Services are Discontinued

Please note, Westlaw no longer provides dedicated printers.  This means that when you are signed into Westlaw, you will no longer see the option to print from a Westlaw printer as in the example below:

There are several alternatives to printing that are available to law students using WestlawNext or Westlaw Classic. These include:

  • Emailing or downloading search results in PDF or Word format.

In Westlaw Classic, these options are available by opening a document and clicking on the relevant icons:

In WestlawNext, open a document and click on the Select a Delivery Method icon, then choose the email or print option:

  • Delivering results to your Kindle (WestlawNext only). To use this feature, access the text of a search result and click on the Select a Delivery Method icon. After clicking on the Kindle option, you’ll be prompted to enter your Kindle email address.

  • Saving results to research folders (WestlawNext only). To use this feature, select the Save to Folder icon:

You can then save to a pre-existing folder or create a new folder. Note that WestlawNext also enables you to highlight and add notes to your saved search results.

  • Routing results to the law library printers (or another attached printer). As always, the Pepperdine School of Law will continue to provide 500 pages of no additional cost printing to students per semester. The newest instructions to install these printers to your computer can be found here. www.tinyurl.com/PSOLPrint. Instructions on how send documents via your mobile device to the SOL printers can be found here www.tinyurl.com/PSOLMobile

  • Using the Lexis printers, which will continue to be available for free to students using Lexis Advance.

If you have questions about the document delivery, saving, or organizing features in either Westlaw Classic or WestlawNext, please contact a reference librarian.

Printing from Mobile Devices

Step 1: Attach the documents you want to print into an e-mail and send them to PepLawPrinting@gmail.com for Black & White jobs ONLY.

Step 2: Once the message is sent you will receive an email to register your credentials


Step 3: Complete registration form with your Wavenet username and password (One time PER e-mail address). Please note that registration fields are case sensitive.


Step 4: Pharos MobilePrint System will authenticate your credentials.

Step 5: Registration complete

Step 6: You will now receive an email shortly telling you that your documents are available to print from the Pharos Workstation

Step 7: Go to the Pharos Station and enter your credentials as you would normally print.


Step 8: Process complete!

******You can register as many email addresses as you would like, just complete Steps 1-5  again******

NOTE:  For information on how to add to your print credit and pricing go HERE

NOTE:  For information on how to print from your tablet or smart phone go HERE