Information Security Reminder

cd-lockIn today’s technology-driven world, we are asked to provide usernames and passwords, install productivity applications for effective work habits, and share information via the Internet.

It is important to remember that some third-party applications do not keep content encrypted on their servers, leaving sensitive data vulnerable. Therefore, it is important that you select unique passwords for each username you maintain.

In addition, according to our Secure Computing protocols at the University, you should perform the following:

  1. Update Flash, Java & Adobe Reader and other Browser Plug-ins frequently, malware targets older versions of software
  2. Think before you click a link or open a file!
  3. Update Windows and Office or Mac OS X automatically
  4. Keep your firewall set to ON (Control panel/Windows Firewall)
  5. Set a secure password and locking screensaver, please click here for secure password suggestions,
  6. Back up your PC or Mac regularly
  7. Use up-to-date antivirus
  8. Don’t share or download copyrighted media
  9. When loaning your computer to a friend, give them access to a Guest Account

For more information about Information Security, please visit the Pepperdine University webpage on the subject at