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MALWARE, PHISHING, VIRUSES: It’s true, there are bad people out there that will do bad things to your computer and by extension, to you.  And yes, they make it very easy for even the most sophisticated to fall prey to their shenanigans.  But in the end, it all comes down to what YOU DO.

There’s a great resource for this topic at “

Remember the cost of lax security is no security.  Just as the saying of “liberty fails when good people do nothing”… yeah a bad paraphrase … so it is with your computer.  If you do nothing to maintain your system, you will find it will function worse and worse over time. YOU MUST KEEP IT UP TO DATE and you must use restraint to NOT CLICK ON THAT ENTICING STUFF that claims to be from a friend you never knew, or from a system administrator from your bank or elsewhere. Just don’t do it.

NOT SO SMART THINGS: In addition to the above “badness” there is the innocent badness that comes from happy (and sad) people adding software that they don’t NEED to have to their computers.  Yes the same computers that they are relying upon for LAW SCHOOL notes, LAW SCHOOL exams, and maybe even the BAR EXAM! These people are adding variables to their systems that can cause real problems down the line on their computers.  Don’t install a bunch of games, music and video applications, and file sharing applications and expect your system to be reliable. All these additional variables ADD TO YOUR RISK for Badness.  When you find out that Spotify or uTorrent or your Minecraft server were responsible for your crash in your remedies final exam or the loss of your Torts outline, you will not be happy. You will be sad. Sad due to Badness.

The fewer variables you have on your system, the fewer chances you have of badness.

If you HAVE to HAVE a computer for games.  We strongly suggest a second computer.

Using your Phone/Tablet with WiFi at Pepperdine

Many new students don’t realize that if they register their devices as Data Plan Blues“GUEST USER” on the university wireless network they will need to register again the next day.  Guest WiFi network registration expires every 24 hours.

If you register as an authenticated user (enter your wavenet ID and password), your registration will last much longer (up to a year if you are a frequent user on the network).

Note that with the WiFi data, you will save on your device’s data plan limits.

Once the temporary “Guest” registration expires after 24 hours, make sure you select “Current Students, Faculty, and Staff” on the site.

NOTE: you cannot re-register a device after it is already registered.  It must time-out first so don’t try to re-register until your Guest access expires.  If you run into trouble, please call the University Help Desk at (310) 506-HELP or 310-506-4357.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 6.45.05 PM

Game Systems on the Network (residence halls)

In order to connect your gaming console to the University Network, you must first register the device.

It is very similar to registering your computer or smart phone except you must enter the “media access control” or MAC address manually using a device like your computer or smartphone.

Go to 

and select the “Game and DVR Devices” link and follow the instructions.
Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 6.45.05 PM













Enter your network login ID, your network password and your game system or other device’s MAC address and you’ll soon be in business.  Keep in mind, you have to do this once a year for these kinds of devices.  It’s not permanent.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 6.53.48 PM


If you need help finding your MAC address for your system, check out this resource.

Wifi Update for Law School




As of August 8, 2014, University IT has updated the School of Law WiFi system to improve speed and increase capacity.

This recent upgrade is significant but it won’t solve problems that some of our friends bring into the building.  We still need to understand that when we set our phone or other device as a WiFi hotspot, we could cancel out portions of the building’s enterprise WiFi by broadcasting on the same “channel”.  This device has now become a “ROGUE”!

Our three biggest challenges that only you can help with:

1. Rogue access points: If you have a cellular wifi hotspot, that hotspot will “step” on our building’s infrastructure WiFi network and create service-related problems for users connected to area building access points.

rogue access pont

2. Single Band Wifi: Many laptops and other devices have only single-band wifi capabilities.  A better solution is “dual-band” wifi (essentially wifi that includes “a” in the list of wifi types … e.g. 802.11a, b, g, n, ac).  The option of dual bands gives a sophisticated wifi network management system the opportunity to better balance demands on the wifi network.  Pepperdine has a system that will do this balancing but most of our user community does not have dual band wifi.  A USB wifi radio with dual band may help our users connect more reliably and with better overall service.  See the symbol at the top of this post and study it closely.  You want a wifi device with the “a” or better yet “ac” designation in the wifi certification of whatever you may purchase. Nearly all newer systems support “a” or “ac” but it’s worth asking your sales person if you’re buying something new — “ac” is the latest and best option today.

3. Turn them off: A radical and likely very unpopular approach is to turn off devices you switch-off-400x400are not using.  This may be a significant inconvenience to many users but if you switch additional devices “off” that will immediately free up space on the wifi network for other users.  Please note that “airplane mode” will not disable wifi.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Clickers for Students

Does every class use the Audience Response System from Turning Technologies (“Clickers”)?

No, but all 1L LRW classes use them so each member of the 1L class will be issued a clicker during Launch Week.  1L clickers must be returned to the Law Library at the end of the Spring Semester to avoid the $50 Replacement Fee.

Upper division classes and other 1L classes may take advantage of this technology. Professors will inform their classes if a clicker is required. If you have a class that does require a clicker, go to the Law Library Public Services Desk and check one out for the semester.   Please return the clicker at the end of the semester and avoid the $50 Replacement Fee.

How Do I change the channel?

  1. Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF LCDPress channel (or CH) button
  2. Enter the new channel number
  3. Press channel (or CH) button again

The new channel number will appear in the screen

What Channel Do I need?

Unless otherwise noted by your instructor,each classroom has a separate channel:

Room # Channel #
Law Library Learning Lab 30
Classroom A 32
Classroom B 34
Classroom C 36
Classroom D 38
Classroom E 40
Classroom F 42
Classroom G 44
Mendenhall Appellate Courtroom 46
Darling Trial Courtroom 48
Seminar Room 1 50
Seminar Room 2 52
Seminar Room 3 54
Seminar Room 4 56

What if it needs a new battery or doesn’t work?

Come to the Law Library  Public Services Desk  or call thePublic Service Desk at 310-506-4643

How & When Do I Return It?

LRW students must return it to the Law Library Public Services Desk at the end of the Spring Semester. All other students must return it to the same location at the end of each term. A $50 Replacement Fee will be charged to students for unreturned clickers.

Tech Gear: Buying Things for School

Many folks ask us if there are any savings to be had through our University Computer Store.  The answer is YES!  Though you should note that most of the offerings from our computer store are through negotiated relationships with major manufacturers and online retailers.

To see our recommendations for computers click HERE.

Check out the University Computer Store page for more information!

Be Careful When You’re on a Conference Call


As an attorney, you may find yourself in a conference call, webinar, or a video conference several times a month if not more frequently.

Conference Calling

As a responsible member of the profession, you should observe the basic etiquette of meetings even when others on the call or video link can’t see or hear you.

I was recently on a long (almost 2 hours) conference call with a number of high level executives where one person who likely spends many hours a week on conference calls forgot to mute their phone … This unfortunate oversight included a car trip to a coffee shop and then three short conversations with a wait person at the coffee shop. During this whole time, the ambient noise of this person’s line was extraordinarily distracting, creating a very challenging atmosphere for others to pay attention to the focus of the call.

While the above incident was pretty innocuous with respect to what we overheard (that person is incredibly kind and polite), it left a negative impression upon many.  You don’t ever want to be that person.

Check out this video and see if you can spot the problems. (It’s ok to laugh.)

#1 Tip: If you are not talking (in a multiparty conference) then MUTE YOUR MICROPHONE and double check to ensure it is REALLY muted.


Troubles Logging into Wavenet?

Having Trouble with logging into Wavenet?

Try these settings changes and see if that helps.  If not, please feel free to call the support line at:

Phone: (310) 506-4357 (HELP)
Hours: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

1.) Add the following “trusted sites” into your browser settings if you are using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox:Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 5.04.19 PM

You can find instructions on how to add trusted sites to Internet Explorer and Firefox here: Once you have added these trusted sites to your browser, I also recommend following the steps listed on the above site to clear your browser cache. This will help to “refresh” the browser after you’ve changed the settings.

2.) If you are using a Safari browser, please also follow the steps to set up your Pop-up Blocker outlined on the site referenced above, and ensure that your browser is set to accept cookies from and You may have to check the “block cookies from third parties and advertisers” option to allow for this depending on what version of Safari you are using.

3.) Last, do you access the WaveNet site via an internet bookmark or favorite? If so, you’ll want to make sure that the site you have bookmarked does not begin with something like “https://cas.pepperdine…”, but rather that the site bookmarked is simply

Road Work at Roundabout Near School of Law

March 15, 2014:  Construction Notification120g-Reflective-Vest

Please note that there will be an installation of an updated temporary white pedestrian delineation system at the roundabout. This system will be installed in place of the existing temporary system at the roundabout at the intersection of Seaver Dr. and Presidents Dr.

The work will begin this Saturday, March 15th. Work will be performed between the hours of 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

During the work all roads and sidewalks will remain open to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Any noise related to the work will be confined to the work site.



Windows XP — The way of the Dodo


Computers running Windows XP will be blocked from the Pepperdine University network on August 15, 2014.



If you have questions or concerns about this, please let us know at

After Spring 2014 finals, you should plan to either upgrade your system to Windows 7 or Windows 8 (if you’re using Windows XP, it’s not likely you’ll want to make the jump all the way to Windows 8 on the same computer owing to the age of that system).

There’s no need to panic at this point if you’re using Windows XP but you should be planning to replace your system after finals this semester or at the very least look into the possibility of upgrading your existing system with Windows 7.

If you plan to replace your computer you have lots of good options in the $500 to $800 range.  Keep in mind you will want a system that’s reliable and will be worthy of assisting your efforts on the Bar Exam.  It is currently difficult to buy a system with Windows 7.  Typically, new systems are running Windows 8.  If you do opt for a new system with Windows 8, we recommend that if you can, get a computer with a touch screen.

Please check out the University IT details regarding the Windows XP sunset HERE

From Pepperdine University Information Technology:

  • Starting May 15, 2014, you may:
    • experience network limitations using Windows XP
    • receive communications of increasing urgency to upgrade your computer from Windows XP
  • On August 15, 2014, Windows XP will no longer work on the Pepperdine University network for students and guests.
  • Pepperdine reserves the right to limit or block access on April 8, 2014, though we hope that will be unnecessary.