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Creating a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great Web site to connect with your current or your future employer. LinkedIn is the opportunity to say exactly what you want to an employer about yourself and past employment. It is important to make sure you have an effective and well developed LinkedIn profile. Below are some steps you can take to make a strong LinkedIn profile:

1. Put a professional photo of yourself as your profile picture. This allows the employer to see you for who you are. Your profile is the opportunity to be both personal and professional.

2. Update your resume. Make sure your page has the most updated information on your site. Also, do not discount the past jobs because you may never know if the employer will see something on there that might set you a part. Adding more jobs to your profile resume cannot hurt you.

3. Make sure you have recommendations. There is nothing more important, besides your resume, than the recommendations you receive from past employers. Have your peers and professors provide recommendations and endorsements.

4. Just like any good social media page, write posts. This is a great way to update people  about your professional life. This will allow you to gain popularity and interest from others.

5. Make sure to add your current classmates. This is one of the easiest ways to create connections and business allies. Who knows if the person sitting next to you will be the next Bill Gates? By adding your fellow classmates now, you will create business ties with them that will help you in the long run.

6. Make it your own. Having your LinkedIn page customized shows the employer your style. Just like putting your face to the profile, putting your style to the page is very important. It is recommended that you should customize your URL, page, and headline to be professional, yet catchy.

How to get your MAC Address

In this case MAC does not stand for Macintosh. Your MAC address on any device is the number that uniquely identifies your computer on the local network. It is a critical piece of information support folks need for troubleshooting your network problems.

How to get your MAC address? That depends on your device. Here’s some directions to help you:


Go to the Apple Menu and Select System Preferences
Click on the Network Icon and then on Advanced in the dialog box that pops up
Under Hardware is your MAC Address.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 11.38.15 AM.png


Right click on your WiFi icon in the lower left of your screen
Select Open Network and Sharing Center
Click on Change Adapter Settings in the left menu
Right click on your Wireless Network Connection and select Status
Click on the Details button and then find your Physical Address

Network Connection Details


Phones and Tables have MAC addresses as well.

From the home screen, tap Settings. Tap General. Tap About.
The window shown below appears. The Wi-Fi Address is the MAC address.

Android Phones and Tablets

This is a little trickier because there are so many vendors, but generally it is under Settings Application, the About Phone menu option is usually at the bottom, then Status, and scroll down to find “Wi-Fi MAC Address”

Battle of the Tablets

Ever wonder the difference between Google Nexus, iPad, and Microsoft Surface?

We took a look at the product specifications, as described on the Apple, Microsoft, and Google Web sites, and compared the information to help you decide which tablet is best for you. All tablets are based off of the 32 GB:

iPad Air Microsoft Surface 2 Google Nexus 10
Depth: .29 .37 .35
Battery: 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours
Weight: 1 to 1.05 lbs 1.5 lbs 1.32 lbs
Display: 9.7” 10.8” 10.005”
USB Ports: no yes yes
Camera Yes Yes Yes
Printing: Only with AirPrint On most computers Only with Google Cloud
Microsoft Office No Yes No
Split Screen: No Yes No
Price: $599 $449 $499
iTunes Yes No No
Kickstand No Yes No

If you have other apple products, sticking with the iPad will be beneficial so that you can sync all devices. Also, you can download and have access to textbooks on the iPad, whereas the other tablets you have the ability to download books, but there is no indication of the ability to read and download textbooks. Microsoft Surface 2 does supply you with Microsoft Office, however, you can download the Office apps on iTunes and Google Play. In addition to the cost of the tablet, expect to spend at least $100 in accessories. Each tablet brings something different to the table. It is important to do your own research and find the tablet that is best suited for you.

The benefit to having a tablet is that you do not have to carry or purchase a laptop. These devices are lighter and easier to transport. The Downside: Printing your notes or documents may be challenging.

CALI & CALI Lessons

CALI Lessons IconCALI [The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction] is a  resource provided by Pepperdine School of Law for students that includes over 2,000+ interactive online tutorials written by law professors, on over 50+ topics. This includes, but is not limited to topics such as, 1L-First Year Lessons, 2L-3L Upper Level Lessons, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Constitutional Law, Legal Research, Property Law, Civil Procedure, and Environmental Law. These interactive tutorials are an excellent resource to enhance your studies. You may find that one or more of your professors will require you to use CALI lessons in the course of your studies.

CALI Password: In order to take advantage of the CALI interactive online tutorials, you will need to register with the CALI service.  You will need the institutional password to do so. The Pepperdine School of Law CALI password is available in the Law Library at the Computing Support Desk at the Public Services Desk.

CALI also provides additional services including (but not limited to):eLangdell Icon

HOTMAIL Banned: As of August 22, 2012 the CALI organization has banned Hotmail Email Accounts due to a large number of spam issues. If you used a Hotmail Email Account to log in to CALI you have the following two options:

(1) Send an email to with your name and a non-Hotmail email address that you wish to use with your CALI account.  The switch over will have to be done manually, so it’s entirely foreseeable that the process may get clogged up. If you want instant gratification and access….

(2) Create a new account using a non-Hotmail email address.  Please note, if you do choose this option, you will lose all access to previous lesson run information. You will also need to obtain a valid authorization code. Speak with someone at the Computing Support Desk at the Public Services Desk for this information.

WiFi Troubleshooting Tips

Logo for WiFi ZoneYou may not be a technological professional, but much of what we know boils down to key lists of best practices and industry standards. I would like to share a simple troubleshooting list you can run through when you have problems with the wireless network.

Information Services are glad to assist you with any of these steps to get you back up and running on our wireless network. As always, dial x7425 or visit the Computing Support Student Worker at the Public Services Desk in the Law Library to contact us. Let us know about your experience using the list–with your feedback we can continue to improve our services.

WiFi device cannot reach the Internet or is performing slowly on the Pepperdine University wireless network:

  1. Many devices (laptops) have an external switch on the side which turns the WiFi card on and off to save power. Be sure this is enabled.
  2. Make sure the device is associated with the “pepperdine” WiFi network (SSID).
  3. Check the WiFi signal strength icon on the device. If it is not getting good to excellent signal strength, see if it can be moved to a location where the device can get good to excellent signal strength (if moving is an option).
  4. If the device has moved to a new location to get better signal strength from another Access Point, break the association with the old AP as follows: turn the WiFi NIC card off and then on again. If this is not an option, reboot the device.
  5. If the device still cannot reach the Internet with their browser, make sure it has been through the Wavesconnect registration process within the past 3 months.
  6. Has the device recently upgraded its OS? Get the OS information and check that the WiFi drivers are up-to-date. (This can be found via Google search or Youtube.)
  7. Make sure the device is not connected to a wired Ethernet connection as well as the WiFi network. When a device is using WiFi, it must be disconnected from the wired network and vice-versa.
  8. If the device still cannot connect to the Internet with a browser, get the MAC address of the WiFI NIC card and make sure the device is not being blocked for a security violation on the network block/unblock website. (Use Google or Youtube to search for how to get the MAC address of the device.) The list of blocked MAC addresses is available from any device on-campus.
  9. If in an area with many students, look for WiFi access points without other students around.
  10. If other devices in the area cannot connect, contact Information Services immediately for assistance at x7425 or via the Computing Support Student Worker at the Public Services Desk in the Law Library.

If you find a dead zone in the Law School, you can assist us greatly by filling out this form Law Library WiFi Form

Fax Services

Fax MachineA fax machine is available for student use (sending and receiving) between the Pharos Print Release Station and the Cannon Copier.

  • FAX NUMBER: (310) 506-4330
  • Instructions for sending a fax are located on the fax machine. If you have any questions, please speak with a Student Computing Support worker at the Public Services Desk.
  • Received faxes are placed in the bin below the fax machine.

Gingko via ProfHacker


Write in a New Way with Gingko

When I work with graduate or undergraduate students on their writing skills, I often ask them to tell me about their writing process, from the note-taking stage through pre-writing, writing, and final revision. I often ask whether they outline a paper before beginning to write, as that’s often a useful way to begin exploring how a particular writer thinks and organizes ideas. I don’t believe that all writers need to outline, nor that all outlines should be done in a certain way. Unfortunately, too often outlining has been taught to students in a constrained fashion, so that both the outliners and the non-outliners suffer from similar problems in organizing and developing their ideas before and during the writing process.

continued on ProfHacker…

School of Law Faculty Web Sites

Blogging is a great form of expression, as well as a means of communicating to a wide audience. Not only does the Pepperdine University School of Law Information Services team write articles for the LawTech Web site, but some of our professors create content on personal Web sites. Here are some of the Web sites published by our esteemed School of Law Faculty:

Professor Robert Anderson:

Professor Paul Caron:

Professor Gregory McNeal:

Professor Derek Muller:

Professor Bernie James:

7 Legal Apps for a Law School Student

1. FastCase: This free app available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android allows you to search for cases that have occurred in all 50 states. See the FastCase Web site for more information.

2. Want to know more about your Supreme Court Justices? The app called PocketJustice gives you all the information you need in the palm of your hand. This app is $0.99 and available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

3. iJuror is a fast and easy way to keep track of your jury. This app costs $4.99 and is available for the iPhone and iPad.

5. TrialPad allows lawyers to update court files during the actual hearing. Lawyers can hook up any monitor or projector to their iPad to play videos or display images on the screen. This app is $89.99 and available for the iPhone and iPad.

6. Constitution allows anyone to review the Constitution for free.

7. Black Law’s Dictionary is a well-known law dictionary now in it’s 10th edition. Costing $54.99, it is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. The free online dictionary is available at:

New Features of Apple iOS7

ios7One thing Apple is known for is constantly changing. The new iOS7 is definitely a new system and a new image. The reason that iOS7 looks so different, is that Apple wanted to provide their users with a more pleasurable experience for their users. For instance, the Weather App has a background that changes depending on the weather outside. Even the color of your background dictates the color of your call and lock screen. There are a couple of new and improved features Apple has provided for their iOS7 users:

Closing Open Apps: With iOS6, you could double click the home button and it would open a screen on the bottom showing the open apps icons. From there, you would be able to hold down the app and then you would click on the “x” to close the open app. Now once you double click the home button, it takes you to a screen where you see the page of the app open. You simply swipe the page upward  to close the open app. Closing apps also saves your battery.

Control Center: Simply swipe from the bottom of the screen to access the menu screen. There, you can control brightness, music, select the mode of your phone (airplane, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, do not disturb, and orientation). You also have quick links to the camera, flashlight, calculator, and compass. In earlier iOS versions, you need to go to individual menus to change or control these options.

Camera: The camera now allows you to take a still, panorama, video, or square photo. Another new feature is that you can add a filter to the photo before taking the photo.

iTunes Radio: This is accessed through your music app. Simply click on the music app and the Radio is on the left hand side. You type in an artist or a genre into the channel to listen to the preferred music. You can also click the star and say you would like more songs like the one you are listening to or that you never want to hear that or similar songs again. In the station you are listening to, you can edit the options if you want to listen to hits of that station or low profile artists. You are given 6 skips every hour.

AirDrop: With this new application, you can share photos, videos, and much more with other nearby iOS7 users. AirDrop is sent over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Search Bar:  Simply drag from the middle downward to have the search bar drop appear.